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So, I’m at work, when one of the managers walks past and I notice the skirt that she is wearing. This was a really nice skirt. Not too casual, a bit dressy, a skirt that would look great on anyone. I instantly knew I needed this skirt in my life! I quickly asked the stylish manager (to be honest there is not many of them where I work) where this future staple in my collection was from  . . . It is from Coast! When I got home, I quickly got my laptop going, while concerned that the Credit Card gods might not be happy with me, but credit card be damned! I was sure this skirt couldn’t cost more the £80, but I would have brought it while having one eye closed and squinting the other one, just so that I couldn’t see the price and have a heart attack.

Front of the skirt

Front of the skirt

Imagine my shock when I saw that it cost (because the whole closed eye thing didn’t really work as I couldn’t see what page I was on) £115.00! . . . the credit card gods would have been seriously angry with me! There is no way I could justify spending so much money on one skirt . . . do you know how much chocolate I could buy for £115.00! Enough to make Willy Wonka seriously jealous!

I took a couple of deep breaths, I needed to. I thought that maybe the sale gods might be kind to me and if I could be seriously patient and wait for the sales and if by some miracle, it might be available at an amazing discounted price. My credit card couldn’t get too angry if it was discounted. But knowing my luck, what are the chances that it will still be available in the next sale. I doubt it with will be around next week.

Back of the skirt

Back of the skirt

After all this deep thinking, plotting and scheming, I thought I should take a look at what fabric my future skirt was made out of. I thought, because of the price, it could be Satin, Linen-Silk or a Silk-Cotton mix, in short words, an expensive fabric to justify the price  . . . it was non of those . . . the fabric that Coast used was Polyester!

coast skirt 4

I’m gonna be honest now, I don’t like polyester, it is one of the cheapest fabrics out there that you can buy. And it bugs me when I see high street shops or luxury high street shops, use such a cheap fabric and then mark up the price so high, it is beyond ridiculous. In my eyes, it automatically made me not want to buy it anymore. I have dismissed so many items because it is overpriced, by over priced I mean over £25. If it is made from 100% polyester, I have no intention of pay more than that; it is just not worth it.

coast skirt

Not even an amazing discount would have changed my mind. Then I think the same thing I always think  . . . I could make that! And for under half the price. This idea kinda made me think, rather than just thinking it, like I always do, I should just do it, and make it a regular thing. I know that I go to my sewing classes, but what I actually do in my sewing classes (apart from gossip) are items that I see in a sewing catalogue or a sewing magazine. And I always try to make it very different to what is in the catalogue. This time it is different. I plan to make the skirt as close to the Coast skirt as possible, from the colour to the pleats. The idea of The Make For Less Challenge was created.

In the words of Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother . . . Challenge Accepted! Stay tuned.

The Make For Less Challenge Part 2

Picture Source; Coast-stores.com