The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ The Sheena Skirt from Coast

It has been ages since I have done a Make For Less Challenge . . . Okay maybe just 1 months, but for me that is a long time. But a few weeks ago I went on a buying fabric spending spree and found this perfect fabric for a skirt. I have been drooling over some Ted Baker floral skirts for ages and have been a bit unsure if I would really suit floral; I don’t really “do” pink, different shades of pink, once in a blue moon, but, I don’t really do floral . . . it took ages for me to even think that the trend even looked nice. But Ted Baker has slowly made me change my mind . . . So when I thought it would be a good time to look and see what Ted Baker had in his current collection to inspire me . . . there was nothing in the skirts section that was floral or that looked like it would inspire me to make something similar with a floral print . . . sorry Ted.

Then I went though all my usually go to inspiration brands, nothing again, and then I thought about my first challenge . . . Good old Coast! Of cause Coast would have something that I would love and need in my life.

Sheena Skirt -Coast3Sheena Skirt -Coast

And I saw that Sheena skirt. The first thing that surprised me was the price . . . it is not a crazy ridiculous price; £55, I would actually pay that price for this skirt and not feel at all guilty about buying the skirt instead of chocolate! And it isn’t too girly floral with lots of icky pink! It has hints of dark reds or a really pale light pink with loads of other colours to not scare me off. And my obsessive “it better be a good fabric” side is also happy; it is made of 97% cotton! Happy days! It is a really lovely skirt.

WP_20140914_23_28_28_Pro (2)

I think that the fabric that I got from one of my favourite places in the world; Maggie’s Stool, is perfect and for the bargain price of £2 a metre! Love it. It is so close to the Coast one, I had to take a few double takes just to be sure that it wasn’t the same one . . . to be honest, I am still not sure, it is seriously really close to the same print that Coast have used. I just need to choose between three patterns from my collection.

WP_20140914_23_29_41_Pro (2)


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