The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ The Roksanda Ilincic Harleton Dress – Part 4

I admit, I had actually finished and completed the dress last weekend. The weekend before . . . well I had realised that the bottom part of the dress . . . didn’t actually line up . . . when I say realised, well I mean my mother saw it and literally pointed it out to me. I then spent the whole of Sunday trying to fix it. Yes it took me the WHOLE DAY. I just couldn’t get it to line up. I had to take Strictly Come Dancing break before I could even look at my sewing machine again. I even lost the quick un-pick, well it can be a tiny bit stressful sewing that same part of a dress over and over and over again.


So once all that was redone, I spent the week working hard . . . honestly! And enjoying a few parties, seeing my amazing friends and some seriously great food!
I couldn’t wait to get started on the zip. I always feel like I’m so close to completing the dress or skirt that I am making when I get to add the zip!
The one I got was from MacCulloch & Wallis Ltd in central London. And cost £10.50; and it is a 22 inch closed ended zip. It is pretty similar to the one seen on the designer dress. I just wish I could have found the exactly same zip . . . what can I, say? I’m kind of a perfectionist . . . and it looks really cute!




The first thing that I did; was open the zip and pinned one side to the dress. I then basted it to the dress and removed the pins to make it super easy to sew the zip on.
After I had completed that, I did the repeated the same process on the other side of the zip. All I had to do after that was hem the dress and I decided not to add sleeves or change the neck line just yet. I really like how the dress looks so far, maybe when summer comes I will either make another (because it was that easy to make) or just change this one. But I think I will defiantly make another one is different colours, something with a rose pink or a deep red, with another bright colour. Or just make a couple with a different coloured back and keep the front the same; so many choices, now that I know what I’m doing!


I am pretty proud of myself. This wasn’t as super easy as one of the skirts that I have made in the past. But, this is the highest valued Make for Less Challenge that I have done so far. I’m going to take a wild guess; and say that I did beat the challenge. I honestly can’t remember what I paid for all the fabric as the black and white pieces, were cut offs from fabric that I had brought before . . . and the same for the green fabric really. But I know that the green fabric was between £6-7 a metre. And I think I only used just under a metre for that. I think I used about a metre and half for the black fabric and defiantly less then half a metre for the white fabric. The pattern was one of my mother’s so that was free, but I can’t imagine it being very difficult to find a similar one for no more then £5-7. I probably could have found a cheaper zip, if I had made an effort to look in every single fabric/haberdashery shop that I know . . . but I have been working too hard (at work, of cause) and was feeling too tired (or lazy) to do that. So just went to MacCulloch & Wallis . . . then to John Lewis and then back to MacCulloch’s because then was nothing in John Lewis (for shame John Lewis! That big store and a TINY haberdashery section! With that poor selection of zips). But considering that the designer dress costs over £900 . . . I think I did really well.

Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 1


So this is going to be my last post for 2014. Will be back in the New Year, and hopefully be able to add some more to my blog (and be able to post once a week, every week) like food and book reviews.

Have a lovely Crimbo, (even though I am not the most Christmas loving person, but love me some crimbo food! Just not the music) and a happy new year, what ever you will be doing.


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