The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ The Roksanda Ilincic Harleton Dress – part 2

Last weekend, was sick with flu, just needed to have a duvet weekend, so no sewing, but managed to catch up on all my favourite shows (omg Scandal!!!) but this weekend; I finally got started on this dress! But before that, my mind had already been plotting and planning about how I was going to actually make this dress. Possible the easy and lazy (but completely wrong and should not be done) option would have been; get all the different fabrics that I wanted to use. And place it on the pattern pieces and hope that by some miracle that once cut, the fabric would match up perfectly, fit amazingly and the dress that I would have created would have looked just like the expensive designer version.

Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 1Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 2

First; my skills are no where near that good for a miracle like that to happen to me. And last I checked . . . pig don’t fly. So the lazy and seriously, no way easy way wasn’t going to happen.


So I went to John Lewis and brought some expensive tracing paper that is specifically for tracing over pattern pieces or can be used to sew with delicate fabrics.
Okay . . . it wasn’t that expensive really, just not £2, considering that it is mostly tracing paper! But if I am going to do this right . . . and technically, it is well within the price range for this whole challenge; you can’t really beat £4.25 can you. But to be honest, I would have preferred to pay £2 for it . . . just saying.


The idea behind getting this not so cheap tracing paper; is to create new pattern pieces for this dress. Notches and all!


The pattern, is one that I really love, it is one of the many patterns that my mum gave me, and I have made one of my absolute favourite dresses from this pattern. So I was not going to cut this pattern in to pieces just for this one dress . . . no matter how amazing it is. I can see myself making a lot of dresses from this pattern.
I brought the tracing paper so that I could draw over the parts that I wanted to use separately and in a way add to an already amazing pattern.


This is the first time that I have done this, so was worried this would be awkward or difficult . . . it really wasn’t. The tracing paper was strong enough that it wont rip (you know like normal pattern pieces tend to do) but thin enough to see the original pattern through. I just grabbed a pencil and a ruler, and traced over the essential parts of the patter, like; centre fold, the outline. And I measured where I wanted the white material to start and finish, and then where the black material would start, and the outline of the hem.


I made sure that the measurements were the same on both sides of the pattern pieces (front and back pieces). Also making sure to mark out things like notches and where the vent would go at the back of the skirt. I was REALLY pleased with myself. Had to give myself a pat on the back . . . and a large piece of apple pie.

Hopefully, if the flu doesn’t get to me again, I will be able to take on the mission to find a zip just like the dress by Roksanda. And get started on making the dress, in-between Strictly Come Dancing and wrapping gifts of cause.

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