The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ Stella Jean Gingham Skirt Part 2

I think because the skirt was not impossible to make, it has turned out to be one of my favourite items of clothing that I have made.  I have already been to my favourite fabric shops to try to find some other fabric for this style of skirt 3 . . . okay 4 times this past week. I know; I clearly have an addiction to not only chocolate, but buying and shopping for fabric . . . I have no intention of seeking help for these problem.

This was exactly the not so difficult project that I needed after the last Make For Less Challenge, which took forever.  And I’m even more proud of myself for not spending (like I had a choice or that kind of money to spend on one item of clothing) £325 on real deal.

Stella Jean Gingham Skirt Spring 2014

So, After I cut the fabric out, it took me a while to remember how to increase the length of the stick . . . 20 minutes later (seriously, it took me that long, the price I pay for having two sewing machines and not using the one that would have been super easier to do the gathering stitch on).  Gathering stitch done on the front and back of the skirt pieces, all I had to do was carefully pull the extra thread on each end, making sure to move the gathering down along the skirt, to make sure that the gathering was even.



I then sewed the front and back sides together, leaving space for the zip.  For the waist band, there was no way I was going to copy that waist band, so I dug into my good old fabric box again and managed to find some left over black fabric that was perfect for the waist band.  Who has time to get 3 different coloured fabrics that were the same think cotton, cut and sew all of these pieces together and pray that this waist band would work?  The solution that took a good week off of all that work was to either find some fabric that had that perfect striped print, or just get a bit of left over fabric and use that as the waist band . . . simples.

Then I pinned, basted and then sewed in the invisible zip.  I shouldn’t of cheated with the lining . . . rather than cut out the lining using the same pattern pieces that I used to cut of the two parts of the skirt.  I just grabbed a large piece of lining and measured the skirt, used the same measurements on the lining and cut that out . . . it just about fit.  I then sewed the lining onto the edge of the zip, just to make it look good and because all skirts and dresses have this detail.




I had to add the waist band next; I just pinned, then basted the waist band to the skirt and sewed it all together.  I wish I had added the zip after the waist band, because the zip is a little lower the I had originally wanted it to be, and will now have to add hook and eyes to the waist band of the skirt.  I didn’t want to unpick the whole zip (I needed to wear this skirt as soon as possible, you understand, right?) So I could have either added a button to the skirt or a couple of hook and eyes, the hook and eye were the easiest and quickest option.

DSCN0325 (2)Stella Jean Gingham Skirt Spring 2014

The first time that I completed the skirt (I think the fact it only took me 2 attempts to make this skirt is beyond amazing for me!  I’m actually proud of myself, it was very close to perfect, if it wasn’t the annoying fact that I had sewn the lining a little too tight and made the zip look very awkward.  It just didn’t sit right, so I had to start it all over again.  The second time, the lining was . . . well, it will do, but it made it so that the zip looked good to.  And I was able to move on to finishing off the lining and then hemming the skirt. Done.
That was how to make the gingham skirt . . . it was over so quickly, I didn’t have time let my wondering eyes stray to the next project.

DSCN0317 (2)DSCN0320 (2)


The Make For Less ~ Gingham Skirt Part 1

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