The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ Stella Jean Gingham Skirt

How bad am I?  Before I was even close to finishing the first Make For Less Challenge; Coast skirt, I was eyeing up another skirt.  It’s not my fault I have wondering eyes when it comes to clothes that I need in my life!

So the latest item that I had to add to my collection is another skirt.  I had seen this skirt on the catwalk during the spring fashion week.  I did really like it, but all I did was add it to my Pintrest fashion page, and then forgot about it.  It wasn’t until I saw it in Grazia magazine on this amazing woman, who had wait for it . . . 8 children, but she looked like she was in her 20’s and a size 8! Not gonna lie, I was jealous (not about the 8 kids, that’s a lot).  Who has eight kids, still looks like she isn’t even close to 30 years old and be able to afford a skirt that costs, again, wait for it . . . £325!

Stella Jean Gingham Skirt Spring 2014

Okay, so I’m not a size 8 and am not uber rich and able to afford a skirt that is impossible to get because it is so cute and seriously sold out.  The least I can do is try to make this amazing skirt and work on getting to a size 8 (realistically a size 12) later.  This was an item of clothing that I needed to add to my collection, and of cause; save the £325 that this skirt cost.  I wouldn’t have brought it of cause.  There are more important things I could buy with that money . . . Shoes for example.

Stella Jean is the genius behind the Gingham Skirt, and new designer.  She seems to be in love with prints more than I am.  Her first collection was filled with amazing ethnic prints, prints of food, and prints of animals.  All these prints were styled into stunning full skirts and dresses with lovely prints used as headscarves, it was an amazing collection. The Stella Jean collection was one of my favourites and I can’t wait to see what she will make in the future.  This skirt was available in only a few shops, but according to Grazia, it was quickly becoming one of those skirts that if you didn’t buy it when you had the amazing luck to see it or even better; actually get your hands on it, then it became impossible to find.  And after a good hour of searching for this skirt on the web, I eventually gave up; the skirt is completely sold out.

stella jean spring 2014 gingham skirt

I have to admit, even to my poor amateur skilled eyes, I thought this would be an easy skirt to make.  The amazing-ness is all in the gathering . . . that bit is easy.
I thought that rather than buying a new pattern, I could just use the same pattern that I used for the last skirt I made, yes; the very same one that I used for the first Make For Less Challenge. Why not use it?  That is the great thing about patterns you can use them for a slightly different look and adjust it to what you want it to be.

I choose to use the same pattern because the pattern already had the right amount of extra fabric already planned out.  I wouldn’t have to go though all that extra work (and mistakes I know I would have made) if I had to measure and adjust more to the pattern.  Rather then adding (stress inducing) pleats, all I had to do was a gathering stitch on the sewing machine and pull the extra thread and gather the fabric.  Even with my poor amateur skills, I thought this skirt would take me only a day . . . If you were lucky enough to follow the first challenge, you know that would have been beyond a miracle!  But I was close, it took me 4 day! (Mini woohoo!)


Luckily, I had already brought a great bit of fabric that wasn’t exactly the same, but to be honest, even though I did love the blue colour that Stella Jean had used for her skirt, the fabric that I had is still gingham, but it’s a white, black and grey print and I really like the look of it.  I think I might still pop to my local fabric shop and get a blue gingham fabric for later, but for now, I am delighted with this fabric.
I did buy this fabric a while ago, so can’t remember how much it cost, but I don’t think it was more than £7-8 for the 1 ½ meters that I have used in this skirt. But I will go back to that shop and try to find it so I can let you know the price of this fabric.

I can’t wait to show you the finished product, and you wont have to wait too long, will post part two later this week.


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