The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ Part 5

I’ll admit it; even though the pattern says a project is “Easy” it all lies! Nothing is easy, especially when it comes to creating an item of clothing. Maybe a scarf might be easy. Find a bit of fabric, cut it out, done. But skirts, top, dresses and trousers = hard, not that bad, difficult and oh my gosh, will this never end! Well it wasn’t called a challenge for nothing.

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With my first Make for Less Challenge, I have already finished it, well kind of. I finished the blue (practice version) of the skirt ages ago. But I had kind of skipped making the underskirt (it wasn’t on purpose I swear). The skirt still worked out.


But, oh my gosh, when I went on to make the final, coral version of the skirt, the underskirt took forever! Although the skirt that I saw in Coast had the mesh on the lining, I thought I would be good and follow the pattern and make the damn underskirt . . . . Who knew it would take me like 3 weeks to make it! It could easily have been more . . . okay, I am lying, it definitely took longer then 3 weeks to make the underskirt. Or it was more like; make the underskirt, unpick it and start it all over again, realise it looked all kinds or wrong, unpick, then repeat. In the end, when I finally finished the underskirt, and went to try it on, those 3-4 weeks of work felt very painfully. I realised that the underskirt would not fit so well over my bum. Even though I had measured myself before I cut the pattern out, the pattern doesn’t seem to accommodate a girl with curves!


So after rolling my eyes and swearing at the fabric, then at the pattern, I just needed a break from it for a short time; by break, I mean take 3 days to not sew and to eat some . . . okay, a lot of chocolate.

During my sewing time out, I had enjoyed and loved wearing the blue version of the skirt on a night out, so that helped me get the love back.


So after a couple more weeks of sewing and unpicking, I have FINALLY finished the skirt, I had to adapt the underskirt idea, and decided to just sew the mesh fabric on to the lining instead.

Plus, there was an awkward moment when I realised that I had already brought an underskirt years ago. This underskirt was hidden in my wardrobe somewhere behind the mountain of shoes. So If I REALLY felt the need to wear the skirt with an underskirt, I can just put the one that I brought on. I just wish I had remembered that months ago, would have saved a lot of time and coral thread.
But . . . as you can see, there is a slight difference between the blue and the coral skirt. I was a bit creative with the blue one, preferring to go easy on myself with the pleating. Instead of making a box pleat like the pattern was telling me to do, I did a knife/side pleats, just because it was easier.

But I thought; for the coral version, I wanted to do it properly (underskirt be damned!) So I wanted to do it the box pleat way. But, I seriously struggled, not to make the box pleat, that was easy. It was creating the right amount of box pleats to fit into the skirt, with all that fabric, without it looking weird. But it just didn’t work out, so thought if I made the box pleats bigger, then it would all fit in and be perfect and I could done. . . Seeing the finished product . . . I can’t help myself, I’m going to do the skirt again, and make the skirt with knife pleats instead. To me, it just looks better. And out of the two, right now I love the blue version, the coral one . . . Love the colour, but not the skirt itself. So I need to redo the coral, if the fabric can take any more abuse, I’m determined to add this beautiful skirt to my collection.


This attempt at the Make for Less Challenge hasn’t put me off making something else. The Make For Less Bug has well and truly hit me, I already have my eyes on a much easily skirt to make (fingers crossed), and this designer skirt costs a lot more than the Coast one that I just finished making.

Although the sales have started, I have been too scared to see if the skirt that I saw in the shop is on sale now . . . . Okay so I totally caved and spent 20 minutes trying to find the skirt on the internet. It is no longer sold on the Coast website (sold out, of cause) but I did manage to find it on Asos £92, sold out again and on Debenhams for, wait for it . . . . £35! (But it seems impossible to buy it from them, trust me I tried).


I’ll admit, my jaw dropped and I had a little tear in my eye. But, even though it has gone on sale, I still managed to make the skirt for less! And have made two skirts out of the pattern that I brought and plan to make a lot more, so am still saving.

Bring on the next challenge!

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