The Make For Less Challenge

The make for less challenge part 4

First I think it is important to admit that a am a little lazy, so the thought of unpicking all the hard work that I had done, hadn’t even entered my mind. Instead I only unpicked the front and back of the skirt, just so I could have another chance at attacking the pleats and trying to get this practice skirt finished before this December. I’m determined to wear this skirt when I go to Wimbledon this summer.

So I did all the little unpicking but I didn’t want to go anywhere near the invisible zip . . . The one part of the skirt that took me less the 20 mins to complete. I’m even including the time it took to pin and hand sew the zip in place and then to machine sew it into place. . . . I can do a mean invisible zip! So there was no way I was going near the zip!
And after I had repined and repined again and then used the sewing machine to complete everything . . . The front of the skirt still ended up looking wonky. The pleats were uneven, making it obvious that either a very tired  or a person who had no idea of what they were doing. I was both.


I had no choice. . . . I had to unpin everything and start again . . . again, even unpinning my precious invisible zip.  Thankfully after all that, the skirt is finally starting to look a lot better and like how the skirt I wanted to make looks like.

The next part I needed to work on was the lining, of cause I didn’t do this by the book, I should have cut out the lining from the same pattern pieces that I used to cut out the pieces of fabric. And should have made it all together and then sewed it on to the skirt . . . Hey, I never said I was an expert seamstress. What I did do was, measured the width or the skirt, cut it and then pined it on to the inside of the skirts. Making sure that I pinned and then hand sewed the lining on to the zip. I had raided my wardrobe to remind myself how the lining on a skirt looked. So I wanted to make sure, despite the epic mistakes that I made, that the lining (even though no one will see it once the skirt is on) that it would look as close to a professional looking lining as possible. So that meant pinning and hand sewing in the lining as close to the zip as possible.


All I have to do now is hem the lining and then the skirt and I should . . . finally finish  . . .  the practice skirt . . .  then I can finally start the real thing . . . with all this practice that I’ve been putting in, I should be able to finish the skirt in one day. I can dream can’t I. Wish me luck.

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