The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge part 3

Think I seriously over estimated my level of skills when it comes to sewing.

I managed to find time to get my little spy cap on and went to the nearest Coast shop to check out this skirt. I checked out the thickness of the fabric, how it is lined and managed to find out that like the pattern that I found, it has netting underneath. Luckily I was in the fitting room, so my little happy dance wasn’t seen by anybody! But I have to say,if only the skirt was more affordable, I would have brought it on the spot, with the matching top.


So, on my next day off, I decided to start sewing  . . . thankfully I decided to do my sewing on some other old fabric first. On a little project like this, I wanted to get an idea to what the finished product would look like and get an idea on what mistakes I know I was going to make, just so I didn’t waste time and the pricey and beyond perfect fabric that I have found for this skirt. I didn’t want to waste money on muslin cloth to make the practice with, because even with all the mistakes I will make, I want to be able to wear the practice one out and about. No point wasting. But looking back now, I should have chosen a similar weight and thickness to the fabric that I want to use later . . . mistake number 1.

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I had decided to wing it a little bit . . . boy do I regret that. I thought that I could create the same flared our effect that Coast skirt has. I was thinking that if I used some really stiff interfacing, I could create that effect and would only have to add lining to the skirt to cover the interfacing  . . . think I wasted most of the day pining and unpinning all the pieces of fabric together. Trying to make sure that everything  matched up, which took ages . . . at that point I should have given up on that idea and did the pattern as it should have been done . . . yes, that is what I should have done. But no. I continued with my crazy idea and took all that fabric and interfacing to the sewing machine.


I had to sew the front and back part of the skirt together, should have been easy . . . but because of the bulk of all these pieces of fabric and interfacing it took longer then the 2 minutes it should have done and took almost 10. It was so difficult trying to move the interfacing around my sewing machine because of the stiffness, but I did manage to sew the two sides together.


This is where it went even worse, after getting this far, my pattern decides to give me no instruction of how to pleat the skirt. I have an ideahow it could be done, but would you trust my instinct? And the pattern (to my dodgy seamstress brain) seems to not give any instruction how it should be pleated. This is where I decided to wing it . . . mistake number 2 and 3. I find out it is kinda impossible to pleat, especially as with the interfacing on, and with all the pining and unpinning, I couldn’t find the chalk marks of when I had marked all the notches . . . at that point, it was late in the night and I was super tired. I am not giving up though, I may have to just unpick . . . everything and start again, throwing away the idea of using such a stiff interfacing and the interfacing itself  . . .  kinda cut it in half and kicked it to the side and cursed at it. But I think the ideas would have worked if it wasn’t me doing it. The challenge continues. I will not give up.  


Day 2 of trying to make the pattern, I couldn’t be bothered to unpick everything, so I went a tiny bit crazy and cut all the interfacing off  . . . I didn’t say it was a brilliant idea, I had just had enough of the interfacing. I’m sure that if I had like a week off, the interfacing ideas would have totally worked.  So I decided to both kinda wing it and try and make sense of the instructions on the pattern. And I think I did well, getting most of the sewing done, but when it comes to the pleats, I had to wing it  . . .  another awkward mistake made. I couldn’t tell were the front really was . . . so assumed that the zip was meant to be at the back  . . . completely forgetting that the back was one large piece of fabric that I had cut out already. So the pleats that I did, not only took ages to put in, but kinda went in only one direction  . . . this is well after I had already added the invisible zip  . . . as you can see  . . . it just looks awkward and very wrong. And this is why I am so happy that I decided to first try to make this on a practice piece of fabric. Now I know where I went so wrong and I should be able to make the shirt perfectly when I do start making it with the coral coloured fabric  . . . but of cause I will try to fix the epic mistakes that I made on this practice fabric, thankfully I’m off on Sunday, my day will be dedicated to making this right. 

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