The Make For Less Challenge

The Make For Less Challenge ~ Harleton Dress

I saw this dress while I was . . . working, well I was at work at the time, so it is kinda the same thing! I fell in love with it instantly. Now I know what you’re thinking; if I found this dress at work, then what about using the staff discount, or uniform discount? To be completely honest, that wasn’t even my first thought. I didn’t even look at the price tag first. All I could think was “I could make this dress!  . . . I will make this dress”

Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 1Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 2

Then I looked at the price . . . £920, this dress is from a designer called Roksanda Ilincic. Roksanda is famous for her use of bright bold colours and this dress is the perfect example of that. Even with the discount, it is way too much money to be spending on clothes and not at Creams Café waffles! I mean that is a lifetime of waffles! So of cause I was going to make this dress myself!


It helps that I had kinda made a similar dress before; in fact this is the same pattern that I used for making my interview dress. The pattern for the dress i will be making is one of my mother’s old patterns, so I didn’t have to waste any time looking for the perfect pattern. And I have already purchased the perfect jade coloured fabric from my last sewing project. And I hopefully have just enough black and white fabric from other sewing project, in my little fabrics box. So the only thing that I really need to find at the moment is the zip.

Challenge more then accepted and I plan to treat myself to waffles when I’m done making this beautiful dress!


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