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The World Has Gone Royal Baby Crazy

It feels like for the past 3 weeks, the world (or the world’s media) has become obsessed with the royal baby. Please do not think that I am not happy for Kate and Will’s new bundle of cuteness, but the media coverage has been . . .  well . . . extreme.

Journalist from all over the world were camping outside the hospital and palace 2 or 3 weeks before they actually got the text (oh those royals are so modern now) that Kate was on her way to the hospital. I had to avoid all of the news channels for 3 weeks while the media kept on broadcasting no news what so ever! Why was the media unable to just wait for actually news?


ITV was the worst! On Daybreak or Lorraine, they were filling time with advice on what Kate should do to bring on the birth – this was based on a due date that no one in the media actually knew. They wasted more time by asking completely random women what they did to prepare for their birth. Asking these women haw they think Kate will be thinking and feeling – thinking that the baby was late, all this while they later while admitted that they didn’t even know the due date. . . Why ITV, why!

I’m just going to have a random guess and say that the wife of a future King of England is going to have the best doctors on the speediest of speed-dials. Even if they were fast asleep on a holiday, in Australia, and the palace is calling, that doctor will pick up the phone as they rush to the airport. Itv, do you really thing the royal family need your time wasting advice . . . .no . . .neither do I. Also if Kate did want advice, but not from doctors, I’m sure that her family and friends would be the people that she would turn to . . . Not Itv!


Is it too much to ask for the news, when there is actually news? Facts and not just random opinions that I don’t want or need. All I wanted to know was; Kate and Will’s are on their way to the hospital, the baby has been born and it’s a boy (hooray), mother and baby are doing well and what they have decided to call the baby.

Did we really need to hear some journalist going up to completely random strangers and announce to the that the royal baby has been born . . . then the same journalist (if we should really call them that is seeing less likely with this poor coverage) on some other random persons doorstep (probably tearing them away from watching the news) asking their opinion on the birth of the royal baby  . . . what was their response you wonder! “Aw that’s brilliant!” I did feel a little sorry this random woman. Imagine, you hear a knock at the door and this man is standing there with a camera man next to him demanding that you spill your feeling about the new royal baby. Again, was this really news?

So away from the royal baby, I thought I would share a story about my goddaughter, a little something that the Royal Parents can look forward to.

I went to go visit one of my best friends and her twin daughters (one of which is my goddaughter) on one of my days off. The twins had just turned two and had started says words that everyone else can understand, rather than long conversations of pure confusing ‘baby language’. So after a long day of gossiping with my friend and watching the girls playing, when my goddaughter either pushed on went to hit her sister. As a good auntie, I told her not to do that, that it was naughty. She gave me this look, a look that a tiny toddler shouldn’t give to her auntie, a look of tiny evil. Then she walks off to the hall way, grabs one of my trainers in her tiny hands, walks back over to me and drops it on my lap “Bye” she says. Then walk back into the hall and grabs the other trainer “bye” she says again and walks off again, this time picking up one of her father’s slippers and walks over to me and drops that in my lap “bye”. She went back and forth getting other random shoes to dump on my lap. Then she found my bag and of cause, my bag is not light, but this didn’t stop her, she was dragging this massive and heavy bag behind her to leave at my feet, before saying “bye” again . . . That cheeky, tiny, cute things, two years old and trying to kicking me out of the house, I couldn’t be more proud and it was hilarious! Eventually, when I did get ready to go and said bye to her she started crying (fake tears of cause) because she didn’t want me to leave, bless.

Royal Parent . . . This is the kind of thing you will have to look forward to, even when they are being cheeky, they are still cute.

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