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Beyonce Does The Pixie Do . . . Do You Like ?

You have to admire a women that isn’t afraid of change, trying new styles and trends. Not many can really pull it off; thank god that Beyoncé can!

And yes Beyoncé is a little late to the Pixie on-going-hair-trend. A trend that Ellen DeGeneres has been rocking for many years, I don’t care what the says, it was not started by Miley Cyrus! But I am a little shocked by the major media coverage of it. It is just a haircut, and if Beyoncé does get bored with the pixie cut . . . she can, wait for it   . . . get a weave, shocking I know. It’s not like women have been doing that for years, remember Rihanna she has experienced the miracle of extremely fast growing hair. One week its short the next its long!

Don’t get me wrong, Beyoncé’s new hair style does really suit her; it would be hard to find something that doesn’t suit her. And I do admire and look up to Beyoncé for being a trendsetter for the curvy girls . . . will I try this new pixie style  . . . no. My hair doesn’t have the same super powers as Rihanna’s super-fast growing hair; the only way I would try that style would be to get a wig.


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