It has been a while since I have posted anything about Men’s Wear. My blog has been dedicated to make-up and Women’s Fashion Weeks for a few months now, that I feel like I am kinda let the boys down a little bit.



It looks like summer is well and truly over! But not everyone seems to be aware of this kinda obvious fact. A couple of nights ago, I was doing a bit of food shopping in my local Sainsburys, when I saw a man . . . wearing flip flops and shorts! Even though I was in the shop, I was still cold with my three layers and two scarfs! I have to admit, it was sunny earlier that day and a little warm, but it’s still November! It was in no way flip flop and shorts weather!



Then one evening, one of the guys I work with . . . he is a model. Let’s just say, he knows how to dress. But I found out that he didn’t know what to look for when it comes to a winter coats. He was looking at coats that were seriously nice looking, but pricey. I looked at the fabric details on some of these coat and most of them where made with man-made fabrics like polyester and viscose! I had no choice but to butt in . . . I mean, give him some advice and tips on what to look for in a good quality coat. It is bound to be a very cold and long winter . . . woo . . .hoo. (That was a sad woohoo by the way).



These two random events, made me think that I would have to share my awesome wisdom on my blog.



So while browsing the web of all the shops that we could think of that had Men’s Wear, I was surprised to the amount of coats that cost over £80, but had more man made fabrics then natural ones.



When looking to buy a coat for winter, you should look for the washing label (its located inside of the coat, if you genuinely have no idea where that is, ask your mother/girlfriend/fashion addict friend) this can basically tell you if the coat you are drooling over, is really worth that large amount of money that you are paying.



The more percentage of Wool that it has, the better the quality of the coat and it will help keep you warm when the snow starts falling. Look for a coat that has 50% or more.



If it has some cotton in it, that is also good. Cotton is also a good fabric to have in a coat, but it is better if it is mixed in with the wool, not on its own. If it has Cashmere in in, even better, Cashmere is a beautifully warm and luxurious fabric, even a small amount of Cashmere can make a massive difference to the look and feel of the coat.



If the coat has some polyester and viscose in it . . . as long as it is a small amount, it is fine. But the more polyester and viscose in it, the poorer quality of coat that you are buying. And don’t be fooled by the tickets or the website saying that a coat is ‘Wool’ always look at the washing label inside or the detail or fabric information, It’s the only way that you will get all the facts.



Here are some example of some coats that I was able to find on the web. To be honest, when it comes to Men’s a lot of then do look similar. But the price and the quality of the fabric is the major difference. You can get a great quality coat that looks similar to an expensive one, without pay huge amount of money.


Under £100 ~ These maybe under £100, but they still have enough Wool to keep me interested.

Under £200 ~ Still great prices and still plenty of Wool to keep the cold out.



Under £500 ~ Yes these are a bit more pricey, but they are also a little more stylish . . . and don’t forget the all important Wool 

And finally, Money is no object ~ Aren’t you lucky, treat your self to either 100% Wool, or a lower amount of Wool with Cashmere for that extra luxurious feel.



Hope this helped you to find a great quality coat.


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