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Men’s Fashion Week

I know I said I’m not the type of person to follow every single trend that pops up. But when Fashion Week comes along, I can’t help but spend days drooling over images of the latest stunning creations that the designers have spent months and in most cases a year perfecting.
Having previously worked for a Men’s brand for a number of years, I can’t help but take an interest in Men’s clothing and that came in the form of the 2nd London Men’s Fashion Week and other Fashion Weeks in other Fashion locations.

I look forward to seeing Men’s Fashion week, not for the obvious – hot male models, but for the Suits. It’s amazing what a nice suit can do for a man, the right colours, well-tailored and well-chosen accessories can make a man look a million pounds, without costing the earth.
Some of my favourite celebrities that always seem to make a suit look very good are:
Gerard Butler,


Gabriel Macht,

Sean Combs,

Will Smith,

David Gandy,

David Beckham,

Taye Diggs,

Joseph Gordon-Levitt,

Michael Ealy

To name a few, I honestly could go on, but I fear it would turn in to a list of seriously good-looking men, and most of them may not even know what a suit is, but would have a lot of vest top in their wardrobe.

And it’s not because most of the men are . . . well . . . extremely hot. All of these men are different, they have different body shapes, height, eye colour . . . muscles. It’s down to the cuts of the suits, how they are tailored to them.
And the Men’s Collection for Fashion Week did not let me down when it comes to suiting, here are a few examples of my favourite collection for Fall 2013.

A great collection for classic London tailoring, I loved the touches of autumn colours and also the bowler hats and the classic accessory of the umbrella.

Hardy Amies
Another great collection for suits but for me is slightly more tailored and fitted the Hackett collection. In this collection I also like the checked theme in some of the suits, jackets and accessories.

Rake Men’s Collection

rake 2

I Love, Love, Loved this collection, it had everything, the tailoring was on point and beautiful. The colours were perfect for the Fall season, but thankfully there was also bright and stunning colours that stood out from the other Men’s collection during Fashion week.
rake 1
rake 5

For Milan Fashion Week . . . I have to be honest, there was a lot more that I liked in the following collection. The colours were bright and the suits were as good and in some cases dare I say it  . . . better than some of the Men’s London collections. I felt like there was a good mix of traditional tailoring with elements that brought something new to the way men can dress.


canali 1 canali 2 canali 3 canali 4 canali 5 canali 6 canali 7 canali-milan-fashion-week-fall-2013-06 canali-milan-fashion-week-fall-2013-22 canali-milan-fashion-week-fall-2013-29 canali-milan-fashion-week-fall-2013-33 canali-milan-fashion-week-fall-2013-37

I absolutely loved this collection, it had almost everything, the tailoring, the colours that are beyond amazing. From the plush military coat, the double breast suits and three-piece suits and the prints that were on the trousers . . . I even loved the pocket squares!,

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