While At Work

It was one of those really dull, grey and boring days, when these two Australians came up to me, we started talking about how nice Australians was.  I mention the television series, Wanted down under saying that from watching that,  I would defiantly move there. These lovely customers had almost packed my bag for me,yelling me that the people are friendly, it’s sunny and Australia really needs more people to move there.

I was sold, mostly by their words, but also by the image I was creating in my mind  . . . hot auzzie men . . . and some sand, but mostly the men. I was planning to go home that evening and start researching what I would need to do to move to this hot land with hot men.

Later that day, another pair of Australians come to me, I mentioned what had happened earlier and of my plans to move to Oz, even mentioning the hot men. Then silence and a look . . . the type of look when you know the other person is thinking something that you might not like. Then she said “I sorry to burst your bubble” the smile on my face instantly dropped. “There are not many hot men in Australia”

“What? But what about, the rugby team? Home and Away? Neighbour’s? Spartacus? ” was the only thing that I could manage to force out of my mouth. This was when her friend stepped to ruin all plans of my move. “Seriously there are no hot men in Australia, maybe the footie team are an exemption, but the men here are so much better and they are nice and always complimentary”. You can imagine how far my jaw dropped; my dreams of this hot Australian Adonis disappeared. I could hear the glass shattered (like in that episode of How I Met Your Mother, where each of the characters tells Ted how his current girlfriend is annoying, something he didn’t notice until their very detailed description. This very same thing happened to me). The customers smiled sweetly, wished me luck and left.

Then the very next customer approached, and I feel so bad for her now, but I had to share the information that I had just learned. And bless her, she was sympathetic and very polite to my clear craziness, but only ended up putting the final nail in the dream coffin, by agreeing with the last set of customers saying that aussie men are a bit rough around the edges, I don’t know about you but I don’t really mind, its part of the appeal.

Now at the time I was thinking of how hot the rugby team and the actors from Spartacus are. Later realising that I was thinking of the All Blacks rugby team  . . . they are from New Zealand and the show Spartacus is filmed in New Zealand . . . oops  maybe I should look into moving to New Zealand instead, the dream is still alive.

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