Solo Travel Essentials

Back in February, literally two weeks before my birthday, I made a complete
‘you only live once’ decision to go on my first ever solo trip. I had already booked off two weeks for my birthday anyway, I had no real plans other than chill at home, cooking/baking healthy food, hanging out with some friends. Nothing really set in stone.

And I was very easily persuaded by literally two colleagues at work that I should just go on a holiday . . .  solo. So I did a tiny bit of research into solo travel; where I was going to go, hotel or Airbnb, go safe – to somewhere I had already been or go crazy – and go to a place I have never been. But this will all be covered in a post that I am desperate to post, just need to be able to upload the pictures.

Anyway, while on this epic solo trip there was a few things that I discovered that I really needed to have . . . and some of those things I was prepared and had with me . . . but some of these thing I just didn’t and really wished that I did. believe me . . .I am more than prepared now.

So I thought, if these are things that I wished that I had taken, other people would too!

My Solo Travel Essential

Laptop, Kindle or Both – I brought both . . . only because I knew that in the evenings I would be in the hotel and would need entertainment so I brought some dvds too. I used my laptop to do some morning research on places to go and how to get to these places, the laptop helped a lot. The Kindle is essential to my life! I knew that I would travel on trains and the plane and I read so much already, so I knew that I would miss it if I didn’t bring it. I was also able to buy travel guides on my Kindle saving essential space in my suitcase. I only wish that I was able to watch some of those Amazon Prime shows.


Digital Camera and Spare Battery – I went to such a beautiful city, there was no way I was just going to rely on my camera phone. And I knew I would be able to take amazing pictures with my camera. But I wish that I had a spare battery for the camera. On the last day of my holiday I walked for an hour to a stunning museum, but when I started taking pictures I realised that the battery on my camera was seriously low. I felt like I had to rush around and take pictures quickly or not all, skipping certain displays that I would have loved to have taken a picture of but was scared that it wouldn’t last to the end. An extra battery would have really helped . . .  it would have been essential.


A Portable Charger – or I couldn’t have just gotten a portable charger. I could have charged my camera and my phone. The one that I brought within a week of getting home . . . is amazing. I wish I had thought to get one of these before.

portable charger

A Seriously Great Map App – my phone was essential to my solo trip. The one thing I used the most was the HERE Map app on my Nokia phone. What made it even more amazing, as I discovered on my last day on that hour-long walk to the museum, was when I was desperate to have the battery on my phone last and put my phone on flight mode. I could still use and get direction from the app and have my phone on flight mode . . . wish I had figured that out on day one of my trip. This great app was even able to give me information about places I could visit by different categories like; popular, eat and drink, going out and shopping. All in the local area also letting me know how long it would take to get be there via car, public transport or walking. I truly loved this app!


Contact – always make sure that you Whatsapp and email family and friends to let them know where you are going, when you get back to the hotel. Mostly to reassure them, I was busy having fun, but had to keep everyone at home happy. It helps that Whatapp and emails are free.

Flight Mode – never underestimate the usefulness of flight mode, when I needed to charge my phone and was limited on time. I would put my phone on flight mode and it would charge in half the time! This is definitely something to remember when I need to charge my phone on that portable charger.


So, I hope my little list helps you if you are thinking of being brave and going on a solo trip.

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