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Oh No and Yum

I had planned on my next post being about how great my first solo holiday was, how I had decided to do it, where I went, how it went and the places I went to visit, the great food I ate . . . I had finished writing the post not that long after I had come back and had loaded up all my . . . nearly 1000 pictures that I had taken on my camera . . . don’t ask me how many I took on my phone.
But I had spent almost a week trying to upload all these stunning pictures to my blog. Either there was errors or the pictures would take ages to upload or just show signs of uploading, but never really got to the finish line. And I had spent a lot of time doing research on the holiday so that explains the reason why I have been a bit MIA this month.

So instead of that, I am going to talk about my current obsession . . . health food. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy dessert or anything sweet. I was wrong and did a lot of research to find as many recipes as I could
I am really sticking with this whole healthy eating thing though! And have really noticed the benefit, but most importantly I have really enjoyed cooking and building up my collection of cook books. The main thing that annoys me about some cook books is that they have all these ingredients that sound amazing and are key to the whole recipe . . . but cost a fortune or is impossible to find or something that you will probable end up using just that once. Like Fenugreek Seeds, I had never heard of these before, and I had searched the big shops and could only find the ground version.
I now know that Amazon is not only my best friend, but my best friend for life. If I can’t find it in the shops, I do few clicks and chances are it is on Amazon.
But I have also learned the importance of get heading to the high street markets, being in the south of London, I have a short bus journey to two really great markets that have so much variety when it comes to ingredients. I am pretty sure that if I had the time to look I would have found those seeds.

Here are some of this food I have enjoyed making so far and most importantly what they got the big thumbs up from others.

Cashew Nut Butter

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This is the easiest thing I have EVER made and by far the most yummy! It took me literally 20 minutes to make . . . well I say make  . . . what I really mean is stare at it while my food processor did all the hard work. There was surprisingly quite a few variations of how to make this simple Nut Butter, I even saw one that had said to add oil to it. I was like, why add more oil to an already oily nut? Wouldn’t that just make it unhealthy? So I found a simple recipe via Deliciously Ella’s website and was soon in cashew nut butter heaven.



I had never even heard of Snickerdoodle until I came across this yummy looking cookies on Oh She Glows website. there is so many recipes that I desperately need to try. But this sweet sweet cookie, has a lot of ingredients, things that I could only find in Whole Foods Market. Also some I really doubt that I would be using for anything else. but these cookies are so good I don’t mind keeping one of those unpronounceable flours just for the Snickerdoodle. I admit it . . .  it has sugar in  . . .  on it.

Saturday Night Dinner


This was a delicious combination of yummy dishes, first the bowl in the middle with the yellow rice, I got from a Levi Roots cook book. It is super easy and uses one of the a great little ingredient that I seem to be using a lot, Turmeric, it is one of my mums favourite dishes. The green dish on the right is a mixture of pak choi, baby spinach, choi sum. I also used some soya sauce, honey, five spice and a little bit of water, I honestly can not remember where I got the recipe from but will up date when I do find it. It is surprisingly nice, I use it a lot when I use Kale. I honestly do not like Kale, but with those ingredients, I don’t mind it. And top right is just some roast vegetables, onions, carrots, parsnips and potatoes. And finally at the bottom is just a simple Thai red curry with sea bass and vegetables, again I will have to keep digging for the recipe and update later, as I couldn’t find it at all weekend.

The Moroccan Orange Daisy Lowe Cake


This has to be one of the most time-consuming cakes that I have made in a long time, but boy was it worth it! My mum said that this was one of the best cake she has ever tasted. And it is really goods and a great alternative for a birthday cake.

I will be honest and admit I was a bit reluctant to buy a book that was created by a fashion model, but I found Daisy Lowe’s book on Amazon for my Kindle for under £2, I checked recently and it has gone up, I would wait for the price to go back down, the book has only 60 recipes in it, but I would defiantly get Daisy’s book, for this cake alone.

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