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New Year, New Healthy Focused You

What can I say… it has been ages! 2015 was too dramatic and busy. But with a new year, there is a new focus and opportunities to make 2016 amazing!

First a look back on 2015;

What was on the Bucket List last year?

Go on holiday.
Save money.
Cook and Bake more.
Sew and blog.
Be healthy and exercise.
Save money . . . and buy a designer bag . . . (okay maybe shouldn’t have put those together!)
Win the lottery (that could help pay for the designer bags I need in my life!)
Get inspired and do something about it.
Take pictures more often

What I did manage to do in 2015

Went on holiday to Portugal (woohoo!) . . . and it was amazing! One of my best friends was determined to go on holiday for her birthday. The decision was to go to Lisbon, I never realised how much history, amazing food and the endless things that you can do in Lisbon, plus castles! We managed to pack a lot in just 4 day. But I have to admit how much I just fell in love with Lisbon. If I could move there … I totally would. Just loved it.


I was healthy for, like, half a year . . . almost – The only thing that was a negative about Lisbon, was nothing to do with the place at all. Just my own insecurities. And realising how much weight I had put on. So I spent most of the end of 2015 changing my habits and lifestyles when it comes to food. I did a lot of research on blogs (of cause) websites, books, finding health food shops and online shops (mostly Amazon) and just trying to find out what some of those super foods are. All to make sure that I would and could change my ways.

And it worked for a few months. Just from changing the food I was eating, making my own smoothies and changing the portions sizes. I dropped a dress size (and a bit more). But damn Christmas and the amazing food that comes with it! All that chocolate, cookies and those beautiful croissants that Pret sell and the festive hot chocolates from Costa . . . well at that time I just needed comfort food. Work was very busy and a stressful environment, and junk food was available (I didn’t buy it . . . I swear) and the hot chocolates were almost sinful. So I put a little of that weight back on.

The true highlight of the summer (food wise) was when I found out that Cashew Nut Butter exists! I had no idea. And it . . . was . . . amazing! The next highlight was when I brought a new food processor and made my own cashew nut butter! Better than the shop one, and only took 20 minutes out of my life. And then I realised that I could make mixed nut butters! I was and still am SO happy about this!


I didn’t get to save money, but I spent a lot . . . . wait . . . that isn’t really something I should be bragging about. Well I didn’t go completely crazy with my spending, that has to be worth something right? . . . no? . . . okay. Well, I have yet to get the Louis Vuitton bags, that I desperate need in my life. But I did get a bag from work on discount . . . so . . . mini woohoo! . . . What? It is a cute bag that I have being flirting with for a while now. And I waited until it was on sale . . . and then the staff discount . . . it was very close to a bargain!


I didn’t win the lotto! If I did, wouldn’t have gone on with the comment above. But a girl can still dream right. Trust me, I have been trying! Imaging the bags I could buy with a lotto win . . . could have a walk in wardrobe room like Mariah Carey! That’s the dream.

mariah carey's wardrobe

I didn’t get to dance like no one is watching yet or take more pictures. But those can be push on to the bucket list for this year. . . or the year after . . . priorities. And also writing for my blog, I will be a better blogger. Promise, mostly cause; I seriously have missed it.

Go to a Cirque De Soleil Show and Lion King not only did I get to do this. But I got to see both shows, on my birthday weekend! AMAZING! I loved it, and it was all last-minute. My friends surprised me with Cirque Du Soleil. I honestly has no idea they were taking me there, not even when we went into the building! but yes they surprised me good! And The Lion King, was  a last-minute thing that I dragged my mum to. she loved it too . . . not as much as me though.


So what will the plan be for 2016?

Well the healthy lifestyle and exercise is top of that list! The amount of books I have right now. And the printout that I found on some really great blogs, ensures that I will never struggle to think of things to make. Even deserts . . . my sweet tooth will remain very pleased . . . but to be honest, when I was being very healthy and eating quinoa, kale (yes, that green bitter stuff) and all those super food I never knew existed . . . I didn’t miss sweets. I even went two months without eating chocolate. And for me that is freaking amazing. Before this, I had to have chocolate for a treat for lunch and after dinner. To go two months . . . for me . . . beyond epic! Like seriously . . . epic!


When it comes to Hair – Go natural or go home! I want to be one of those girls that has a head of amazing natural hair, like an afro, the best  example I can think of is Solange (Beyonce’s sister) Solange has AMAZING HAIR! Last year I gave up on the weaves and wigs and decided to do the natural hair journey like so many other Afro Caribbean women. I have not been brave enough to do the Big Chop and to be honest. I have spent/wasted a lot of money trying out different hair care brands, still trying to find the perfect brand that will perform a miracle and make my hair grow really fast. But I want to have beautiful, long hair going down my back.


Do something that really want to do but am a bit scared to do. Yes I know that is a bit cryptic . . . but if I say it here and now. I will have to do it by the end of the year. But if I don’t . . . awkward. But if I do, do it . . . I will tell all in great detail, promise.

Keep working towards that dream job, in the dream company.

Travel around the world . . . very least Europe! One holiday last year wasn’t enough! I want another one. Hell, I would happily go on 5 . . . lottery gods . . . hello, help a sista out.

Dust off the sewing machine – I really need to! And dig in that massive box filled with beautiful fabric. It’s there, I brought them, have to use them . . . mostly so I can buy more and fill the box up again.


Read more –  I love reading, and have so many books on my kindle. Just need to relax and read them all . . . there is like 100’s . . . most of them were free. I promise . . .

Feel good in the skin you’re in- I want to feel happy with how I feel about myself in 2016. Just a work in process.

So; 2016 . . . Prepare to be concurred.

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