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Living The Naturally Sassy Way


I think I took a bit too long enjoying this book . . . I loved this cook book. It is perfect for my life style! It was a great introduction to living a mostly  . . . completely  . . . veggie diet.

I especially loved the parts dedicated to oats, over night oats, work lunches for the week.

And the food was really delicious, not just for me, the whole house loved the Saturday dinners too. I don’t think I have had so many regular complements of the food I have cooked each and every time . . . I truly do not know if any of the  . . . many . . .  other books that I have brought since, will be able to compete with Naturally Sassy.

The start of the book had an introduction about the author, Saskia and how she started creating and eating this type of food. Usually I don’t bother reading this part of the book. I just want to get to the good bits  . . . the food. But I read it, half expecting to be bored. But it was really interesting to find out what motivated her to make this lifestyle choice and the benefits that have come with eating plant-based and natural food. The benefits of eating more veg, less meat and little to none refined sugars. It all really made me think about what type of foods I was eating and what effects that they were probable have on me. For so long I have been exhausted, no energy, putting on weight. Could this plant-based lifestyle make all the difference?

I really loved that Saskia took the time to explain all about the ingredients that are trendy super foods that I had no idea about; what they were, what their benefits were and most importantly how to use them! I still have many ingredients in my cupboard that I brought because it is a “trendy super food” but have no idea of when I will every use it. Please don’t expect me to name and shame . . . it is too shameful.

Overnight Oats ingredients

Don’t judge me but I was a little confused about how to do Overnight Oats. I just didn’t know what the right amount of milk to put it, do I use yogurt if I prefer to have a hot porridge in the morning? And what do I put in it? I was just overwhelmed with the amount of overnight oats that I was finding on Pinterest. I just needed a simple, basic explanation of how to create a delicious and healthy overnight oats that I would love so that I wouldn’t rely on the not so healthy instant kind that  can be thrown into the microwave.

Step by step guide to the perfect morning oats

This is one major reasons why I love this book so much! It has plenty of oats and overnight oats recipes. And having looked at ALL the other books that I have brought  . . .  not one of them has anywhere near as much oat recipes as Naturally Sassy! Considering how much I loved just simple oat. Having so many options for a really healthy and yummy porridge breakfast was perfect for me. In the morning I have to get ready and eat within 45 minutes (trust me, I time it, my train wont wait for me). And the overnight oat recipes were beyond perfect, for me, I just had to make it the night before, throw it into the microwave in the morning. My favourite was to make the Power-Packed Bowl of Porridge, I would make mine with almond milk, rolled oats, Medjool dates (I’m like addicted to these) banana, almond or peanut butter, mixed seeds, ground cinnamon and nutmeg(packed with healthy goodness!). And it is mainly the same ingredients for the overnight oats version too. So beyond yummy and I haven’t got bored with it at all. But I know that if I do that there are so many variations that I can make with Sassys recipes.

Oats with pear and banana
Overnight oats with mixed seeds on top

I will be honest, I haven’t made a smoothie bowl yet, even with the day or two of hot weather, I would just stick with the porridge. The only problem that I had with the porridge and overnight oats was the quantities. I started off using the exact measurements that Sassy recommends, but it was too much for and I ended up putting on a bit of weight until I realised and then had to change the cup sizes that I was using to measure out the milk and the oats. When I did this I though I would get hungry earlier in the day, but thankfully I didn’t. I’ve noticed that I only get hungry if I don’t bring a smoothie to work, but otherwise, I am fine. Rather than the 1 ½ cup for milk and ½ for the oats I use ½ for the milk and ¼ for the oats.

Another thing that I loved about the book was the “Sunday Prep and the how to guide on “Making a Balance Bowl” I used these simple guides for prepping my lunches for the week. Working in central London, it is so easy to just step out of work and walking into one of the many restaurants that surround me. But I know that if I go of for lunch it probably won’t be healthy and I will want some kind of dessert. Also the cost of eating out can really pile up, I want to be healthy and not break the bank.

Balanced lunch with mixed nuts, stir fried veg, roast veg and quinoa

These preps and balance bowls were perfect for me. I could easily take some time out of my weekend and boil some Quinoa, chop up and roast some veggies, toast some mixed seeds and stir fry some more veggies. It was SO easy! But I hated the salad dressings, I am not really into dressing a salad in anything other than mayonnaise, but I wanted to give these dressings a try, but I think it was down to one ingredient  . . . Tahini . . . I don’t think I like it.

I have tried it with other recipes  . . . and for me, it just make everything disgusting. So I think that I will have to throw that out. No matter how much I tried  . . . it just didn’t taste nice. Worse the raw kale!

I have to say that the main meal went down so well in my house, and the fact that most of them were so easy and quick to cook, made me love them 10 times more. My absolute favourite  . . . and honestly this shocked me; Turmeric-roasted cauliflower and rice. Although I didn’t use the garlic in this recipe, just because I would mostly eat it during the week and didn’t want people running from me when I spoke to them. And I had to pour the tahini-cumin sauce down the sink cause of the tahini but the roasted cauliflower and chickpeas was so yummy and easy!. And the rice  . . . I have to admit when I realised that I would need to put lemon juice and tamari into the rice, I was  . . . apprehensive and worried that this would be another tahini-cumin sauce throw away disaster. But it was SO GOOD! Just amazing! I loved it. If I could make it everyday, I think I would, and I can’t wait to see if it will work with Quinoa.

Also the Sweet Potato and Spinach Dhal with chickpeas Naan bread, was very popular too! For me it was like a one pot wonder, and was very simple to make. I am not sure if my Naan bread come out as good as it was meant to  . . . but it tasted and looked a lot better the my very first attempt, my word of warning is not to use too much oil and treat it like a pancake . . . that is if the ones I made were right.

Spinach Dhal with lemon and soya sauce rice and nana bread

The desserts and snacks sections are usually the pages that I go to first when I am trying to decided if I will buy a book or not, especially if the book is based on the idea of healthy living. If it doesn’t have a couple of delicious looking puddings, then chances are that I probable won’t buy that book. It is just the way my sweet tooth mind works. This book had so many great dessert recipes. Not one has failed me yet, well only one, the Brownies, but I’m putting that down to use one different ingredient and not using the right size baking tray. I made and apple and pear version of the apple and blueberry crumble that was also really good, but I don’t think I had enough fruit, so it was a lot more crumble mix than there was fruit mixture.

Toast with almond nut butter, banana and chia seeds

At the very end of the book was a really handy section where is separate meal plans for people who love the gym, people who like their meals as soon a possible, the detoxers, body booster, food to cook everyday as well as comfort food. And there was also a section for health concerns or things that you would like to improve, from strong bones and good digestion to healthy hair and skin. This book basically had everything and was a great introduction to living a healthy, vegetation lifestyle and making it look easy. I didn’t really want to stop using this book. I kinda already know that with certain things like porridge and overnight oats, this book is perfect for me. It suits the kind of lifestyle that I have and want to have in the future. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a great introduction to eating healthy and not as a temporary diet. This is about making a complete change in the way that I see and think about food and the benefits that it can bring.

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