Its Been A Long Time. . .

I would love to say that I have been busy doing amazing things like; travelling the world, going to the theatre everyday, shopping, winning the lottery! Something really great that could explain why I haven’t posted a thing in the 2015 . . . the honest truth; work has been very busy and exhausting. So rather than coming back from work and dedicating my evenings and weekends to my blog and sewing. It has been more of the relaxing and watching . . . youtube, Wendy Williams and what all those tv shows that are so easy to become addicted to.

But it hasn’t been me being lazy all the time, I have been spending a lot of time doing research in to many things that I want to change in my life; one I can’t share just yet, and the other was ditching the weaves and going natural with my hair. It may not sound like much, but having Afro-Caribbean hair is a job in itself. So many things I have learned from some amazing blogs that I have discovered.

Another reason for my lack of blogging; I haven’t been feeling very creative; I haven’t even touched my sewing machine! Haven’t sewn a single stitch by hand or machine. Haven’t even looked at any of my sewing patterns or my collection of fabrics. I haven’t even brought any new patterns or fabric. In fact I have been . . . buying clothes from the shops, even worse, I been buying things that I could easily make myself! *hangs head in shame and hides.

My Sundays have been very entertaining, but wasted. I feel guilty.

I do plan to change my lazy ways and get back into blogging, sewing and other things like complete my 2015 Bucket List.

Last year, one if the things that kinda annoyed me about the clothes that I was making, was that I love to make clothes with bright and colourful fabrics . . . and I couldn’t wear all these bright and vibrant clothes at work. Great news (for me) . . . I don’t have to wear black at work anymore! This means I can make most of my working wardrobe. In any colour that I want! It doesn’t have to be black! Woohoo!
Plenty of incentive to drag out the . . . now dusty sewing machine, out of its hiding place and make shirts, tops and dresses in any type of fabric that I want. I can’t wait now!

I will stop being a bad blog mother, I promise.

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