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The Vogue Festival

This time last week, I was just getting over the excitement of being able to have gone to The Vogue Festival at The Southbank. I don’t even know if I can put into words how amazing it was, to get the opportunity to hear some of the most influence minds in the fashion industry. I only wish that I could have gone to all of the talks that the Vogue Festival was hosting.
Because this was a Vogue event, you just know that the speakers there would be amazing, they did not disappoint; American designer Michael Kors and model Yasmin Le Bon were together discussing Michael’s life.

Bloggers Susie ‘Bubble’ Lau and Garance Dore, the editor-at-large for Vogue Japan and Anna Dello Russo all talked about how they was able to make their passion for fashion into a career.

Designer Paul Smith, Presenter and model Alexa Chung both discussed British style and how important it is to stay ahead in fashion.

Model Cara Delveingne was with a panel of Vogue fashion directors and Make-up artist with a hairstylist all talked about the Secrets from the set of the Vogue Cover Shoot.
A grand panel filled with fashion designers JW Anderson, Erdem Moralioglu, Mary Katrantzou and Jonathan Saunders discussed what it takes to be a fashion designer, with helpful advice for everyone on how to get there.
Super designer Dame Vivienne Westwood with designer and campaigner with a panel from Vogue discussed how fashion could change the world and influence how we live.

The amazing designer Donatella Versace, talked about her life after becoming the head of Versace, after the death of her brother, and becoming one of the leading women in the fashion world.

The incredibly successful photographer Mario Testino, spoke about how he managed to the top of the photographic world and taking that photo of Princess Diana.
Jonathan Akeroyd, c.e.o of Alexander McQueen Anya Hindmarch, Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon and designer Christopher Kane all discussed creating a fashion brand in Britain.

Former pop star, now a leading force in fashion designer Victoria Beckham, talked about her life, her famous family and juggling that with having a successful fashion label.

All these wonderful and amazing people were there, and I was only able to get tickets for three . . . Yes I would have loved to get tickets for all the events, but the ones I managed to get were still brilliant.

The amazing forward thinker and great mind behind Net-a-porter Natalie Massenet, a panel conversation on Too Fat, Too Skinny, Will we ever be content? Had two top models – Daisy Lowe and David Gandy and actress Patsy Kensit. And last but not least I managed to get a ticket to hear one of my absolute favourite designer Alber Elbaz legendary designer for Lanvin.

Getting Inspired by Natalie Massenet – The Women Who Changed The Way We Shop


It’s rare that you get to see a person that you admire, respect and in many ways aspire to be like if only in a tiny way. And makes you want to aspire to work harder, because they are a perfect example of a women that can and does, do it all.

Massenet basically changed the way people shop online, creating Net a Porter in one room on a borrowed laptop. It wasn’t one of those fancy modern-day laptops, this was one of those old grey, tiny 7 inch screen, that had to be connected to the phone line to dial-up to the Internet (I remember those, the sound was so annoying, and still know it by heart).

In this talk at the Vogue Festival, Natalie took us through an Instagram look of her life. To see where she came from and things she learned along the way.
Natalie Massenet’s talk really made me think and focus on all the lesson that I have had to learn in my life. And can see how all these lessons can make you stronger and can refocus your perspectives.

Seeing her very humble yet stylish beginnings was great insight into the women that created Net a Porter, showing that if you have determination and a great idea, you can achieve anything.

Daisy Lowe, David Gandy, Patsy Kensit  & Christia D’Souza  – Too Fat, Too Skinny – will we ever be content ?

blog pics 4 008

This a debate, I feel will go on till the end of time. Body image in fashion is one of those subject that will always get people talking. Especially if you throw in Patsy Kensit, Daisy Lowe, Chritina D’Souza and the only man on the panel, David Gandy. All the member of the panel were quick to mention that they have all had struggles with this in their live, whether that be within getting work and being sent back from Milan because they couldn’t fit in the sample sizes – something both Daisy and David admitted had happened to them. Or being the common topic in the newspapers, like Patsy has had to experience. Worries about weight doesn’t just affect members of the public, Daisy confessed that she still feels self-conscious about even standing next to skinny models when she is about to go on the runway.

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I’ll admit, I have a new-found respect for Daisy Lowe and David Gandy. The fashion industry has been pretty much set in its ways for a long time. To try to break into such an industry and be told for a long time ”No or lose some weight” and not fitting into the sample clothes. I get depressed when I got to a shop and a pair of jeans doesn’t fit me, but that happens in the privacy of a fitting room or if I’m at home. I can’t imagine, having famous designers looking at you and constantly saying no to your face. It takes a strong person to ignore that and then to come back and break that stiff fashion mode and be the top female model or male super model.

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But I had to disagree with Christa D’Souza comment, that despite having issues with weight herself, she still believes that clothes ”look better on a skinny model”. To me that was the worst comment she could have made. In my opinion, skinny models are more like walking hangers especially recently. Clothes look far better on a body with more of a figure, with curves, it make the clothes stand out more. And honestly, sometimes I can get distracted by how skinny some of the models are and I don’t notice the clothing sometime. So to have D’Souza, a women who has had issues with her weight also, to say that comment, it shows that the Too Fat, Too Skinny debate will go on and on for many years.

Alber Elbaz – The Dream And Reality Of Fashion, The Great Mind Behind Lanvin – The Stuff Designer.

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Alber Elbaz was by far my favourite of all the talks that I went to. When you imagine a person, that is so creative and well know not only in that field but around the world. He was amazing, funny and relatable, he was so nice, not at all mean or bitchy, even when he could have been, he wasn’t. For example, a member of the audience asked what he thought of another designers work at a house that he used to work for, the most recent collections have not received the best comments from some. But Alber’s response was that he felt that the collection was good, he had heard that it was selling well and that it takes time to be able to feel comfortable and confident in a new role. A completely gentleman response. Made me love him more.

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Alber has this charm about him, even though there was a room packed with other people, I felt like I was having a gossip with a dear friend. One of my favourite things that he said, while talking about a whole different subject, randomly Victoria Beckham is mentioned, and Alber, with a cheeky smile says ” Should I tell you a story about Victoria?” Of cause the entire room replied ”YES!” Alber smiles again, ” I was singing this song, I can’t remember the name, but it is  a Doris Day song, When I was a little girl, I asked my mother what will I be . . . I’m not a good singer, but I saw Victoria, if she can do fashion, I can sing” the room burst into laughter.
There are endless Alber Elbaz quotes that I could give, he is a complete legend. And it was amazing to be in the same room as him, getting a real ideal of what he is really like and how his mind works, it’s just like everyone else, only more creative, fabulous and so funny.

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