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The SO Project

When I was younger, I had no clue about make up, I didn’t think I really needed it  . . . and I was a little lazy. But one day, while working, one of the floor managers came up to me and told me that I had been . . . Mystery Shopped!

Don’t worry; it was me helping this customer, so the mystery shop itself was amazing. It was just the description of me; this customer said I looked  . . . 31+!

At the moment, I have a year before I even reach 30. At the time, I was in my early 20’s. So having this random person telling me I looked like I could be in my 30’s . . . I was beyond shocked. It was all I could talk about, not the fact that the mystery shop had good results, just to be told you look older than you are  . . . it kinda hurts. I have been used to people telling me that I look like I could be in my early 20’s, and I even remember that my assistant manager constantly telling me that he kept thinking that I was in my late teens, not 20’s.

I couldn’t stop obsessing about it the entire day. The next day, I went to John Lewis (because it was less busy than Selfridges at the time). And went to the Bobbi Brown counter. I even told the beauty consultant about the mystery shop, bless her, she made me feel a lot better, telling me I didn’t look like I was in my 30’s . . . although, I did buy quite a few bits, but I was traumatised! Can you blame me?

Even after buying all that make up, there was many things that I didn’t know how to use, what they were for, if I should even bother buying them. Its times like that when I wish I knew about blogs. So that I would have somewhere to go to just get information, get tips and advice. I didn’t want to constantly have to go to a make-up counter just to ask a question. So when I heard about The SO Project, I had to join in.

What is The SO Project? It is a series of blog posts, which will be posted every Tuesday for 10 weeks. And these posts will be created by over 120 bloggers and beauty blogger. With helpful tips, advice and make-up advice for anyone who needs it, someone who is new to make up, teens or even if your just looking for advice and tips on make-up, anyone.

 This brilliant idea came from Stephanie from Steph’s Inside Voice, I recommend having a look at her site to get more of an idea about The SO Project and with links to all the other bloggers that will participate in this Project. It will start today at 6pm (GMT) you can even go to twitter #THESOPROJECT, where I’m sure a lot more other blogger will have some helpful post up too and can even have a bit of a chat about it.


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