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My Bucket List

Last week, I meet up with one of my friends from college. We haven’t seen each other in maybe a year or more  . . . most likely more because I had a birthday and crimbo gift that had been in my wardrobe for far too long.

As my friend and I always do, we have a massive catch up conversation, laugh loads and wipe tears from our eyes (from all the laughing). When she told me that she started a Bucket List of things she wanted to do before she reaches . . . a certain age. I couldn’t help but think that I had to create one of my own. I have wasted so much time thinking about doing this, going there, seeing that. Why waste even more time thinking and then forgetting things that I really want to do before  . . . I reach a certain age.

And because I know myself so well, I thought it would be a good idea to share this Bucket List on my blog, so that I make sure that I don’t chicken out or forget to keep up with it.

If you want to create your own bucket list, you can of cause get a pen and paper, but if you need a little inspiration on what things you can add and would love to do, check out the two websites that I found: bucketlist.org and bucketlist.net.

·         1. Go To The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Admit it, you really want to go to The Harry Potter Studios too.

·        2. Watch A Meteor Shower – It one of those naturally beautiful things that I have always wanted to see.

·         3. Visit Thailand (again) – It’s BEAUTIFUL . . . and the shopping is amazing! thaidancer_bbc.co.uk

·         4. Meet Someone Famous – Have done this already (thank you Selfridges) but could always meet a few more.

·         5. Take Dance Lessons – The Strictly Bug hits me every year, would love to learn all the Latin dances.

·         6. Have A Job That I Love – Think this a goal for many people. August 2014

·         7. Go On An African Safari – I am a massive fan of Big Cats and would love to see some in the wild, not a big fan of zoos.


·         8. Learn To Drive – This is not so high on my list, working in London, don’t really need a car. But this is added to keep my mother happy.

·         9. See The Taj Mahal – It’s a stunning building, and I at least have to see this once in my life.

.    taj-mahal-at-sunset-glowmagazine.me

·         10.Adopt A Child – Not gonna lie, this started out at a school girls fear of child-birth and turned in to something that I genuinely want to do . . . before Angelina Jolie!

·         11. Take One Photo A Day For A Year – I saw this on one of the Bucket List websites. It’s a good idea that I can’t wait to start.

·         12. Experience Seeing One Of My Favourite Music Artists – I have seen some, but might as well see as many as possible.

·         13. Attend An Opera – Many of the great ones are in different languages, but I still want to experience this.


·         14. Speak With An Accent For An Entire Day – This I intend to do at work one day, just for the hell of it. Not sure what the regular customers and the people I work with will think of it though.

·         15. Wear A Kimono – When I think of the words ‘Fashion As Art’ I think of Kimonos. They are stunning and wearing one would be a dream come true  . . . not sure about the shoes though, look a little painfully and knowing my luck, I could break an ankle.

·         16. Go To A City I’ve Never Heard Of Before – This one might be a bit tricky, I have heard of a lot of cites. But challenge accepted!

·         17. See A Ballet – Like number 13, this is something that I really want to experience.


·         18. Use A Fake Name At Starbucks – One of my friends used ‘Badman’ as his Starbucks name. Now all I have to do is think of a good name.

·         19. Walk Behind A Waterfall – Waterfalls are so stunning, why no walk behind one.

·         20. Go To The Egyptian Pyramids – I have always wanted to go to Egypt, the myths, the history has always intrigued me, so I have to go.


·         21. Go Greek Island Hopping – I’ve already been to one Greek Island, but a trip to all these beautiful islands is a must on this list.

·         22. Create/Maintain A Blog About All My Travels / Bucket List Experiences – tick!

·         23. Have My Photo Taken At Platform 9 ¾ – see number 1. I’ve got the books and the dvds, but at this very moment I can’t remember which station this platform is located.


·         24. Order Room Service – Because I have kinda already done this, like once in Thailand, I will have to do this in all the countries that I intend to visit.

·         25. Catch A Last Minute Flight To A Random Destination – Just to be random and because it is bound to be cheap!

·         26. Have A Picnic In Central Park, New York – Sod Hay Fever, I need to go to this famous park.

·         27. Visit The 9/11 Memorial – can’t go to New York and not visit this site.

·         28. Eat Pasta In Italy – When in Rome.

·         29. Own A Gucci, Prada And Luis Vuitton Bag –  . . . Because they are pretty.

·         30. Visit Sydney, Australia – This is one of the countries that I just have to visit. Knowing my luck, I will be stopped by border security (LOVE THAT SHOW) for forgetting a bag of cashew nuts.


·         31. Visit Japan – How else will I get to wear a Kimono and this is the best place to do that.

·         32. Visit A Castle – Would love to visit one of the Tudor Castles, but I’m not that fussed, if you have seen one castle.


·         33. See Pompeii – Just for the history of it, would love to actually see Pompeii.

·         34. Walk On The Great Wall Of China – I have heard that it is a very long walk, but it would be so worth it.

·         35. Fly First Class  – On all these journeys around the world, it would be lovely to do one of those trips with a bit more leg room.

·         36. Visit Times Square – I have no ideas what I would do there apart from look at all the big screens and spin in a circle. They do that in all the films and tv shows, why can’t I.

·         37.See A Cirque De Soleil Show – Because I have no doubt that this show would be amazing.


·         38. Pay For A Child’s Cleft Lip Surgery – Not sure how much this would cost, but it’s good to add something for someone else to the list.

·         39. Try A Fried Snickers – I have a feeling that my sweet tooth might go a little crazy from just a bite from this. But this is something that I have wanted to try. Even if it is just once . . . which it totally will be . . . unless it’s amazing?

·         40. Ride A Camel In Egypt – I know that I will be terrified when I come face to face with a camel, but I’m sure it would be fun . . .you know once I get past the fear thing.

·         41. Attend A Masquerade Ball – Just so I can buy an amazingly beautiful mask, I don’t even know where from. And the air of mystery.


·         42. Ride An Elephant – If I can get over the fear of a camel, an elephant would be easy.

·         43. Learn A New Language – The reality of me learning a language is low, let’s be honest, but I do want to learn a few phases in Spanish, Italian, Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese.

·         44. Take Belly Dancing Classes – If it can help me have a stomach like Shakira’s, then I have to take up this class.

.    shakira_telegraph.co.uk

·         45. Win The Lottery – see number 29, those bags don’t come cheap!

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