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For the past month, I’ve been a bit M.I.A on my blog. Usually I might miss a post one week out of the whole month. The past month or two, I think it has been a bit more than one or two here or there. It’s not because I’m bored of my blog (never) not because I have run out of ideas, (with the Make For Less Challenge I’ve seen a few more things I want to make, so that’s unlikely).

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It’s mostly to do with work, not just because I’m exhausted, though that is a factor. It is because I almost had the chance to get the perfect job. It was so perfect, a role where I could have been creative, where I would have learned a lot of new skills, where I could have developed and been able to work my way up, a role that I have always wanted to get into and most importantly; I would have had weekends and bank holidays off! This was a role that I know I would have been AMAZING at. But I didn’t get it . . . extreme sad face.

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I really wanted to tick this one off my Bucket List. I needed to either get the dream job or just get another job. So for the last month I have been researching and apply for all kinds of jobs, even my time off from work was dedicated to job hunting, job fairs and thinking about what I really wanted to do for my career.

I wish getting another job was quick and simple or even better, win the lottery . . . the clothes and shoes that I could buy with a lotto win  . . . I think the next month could be my last in retail. It could be time to make that leap and start having a happy life.


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