I Might Have Done Something A Little Bit Crazy

I think it has been about 1 month and a couple of weeks since I have last really had the chance to add anything to my blog. Mostly it was because I was working and exhausted, a part of it was because I was spending all my free time trying to finish the coral coloured skirt for my Make For Less Challenge (was actually finished then had to start all over again). And lastly because I was spending some of my other free time thinking.


My last post (like back in May) was about missing out on getting The Dream Job. Even though, I had written about it, constantly thought about it and even had a weird dream about it. I needed to get myself out of this funk . . . so what did I do?
I handed in my notice at work (all 3 weeks of it!). Putting a half tick on my Bucket List and leaving my current job. I say half tick because I haven’t got another job to go to and have yet to win the jackpot in the lottery . . . I should really check the last few weeks of lotto tickets to see if this is still true.

Apart of me is so happy that I have made that crazy leap, thinking that I will be able to finally spend more time with family and friends, sort out my bedroom that is starting to look a bit like I should be on Extreme Hoarders, be able to exercise and eat a lot healthier, cook more, take up more hobbies and also be able to spend more time writing for my blog, oh and sewing too!


But then there is the other side of me that is like . . . What the hell are you doing! This is a crazy idea, the last I checked money doesn’t grow on tree yet, stay where you are and wait for another job before you leave. This idea is beyond crazy!

But I don’t mind a little bit of crazy, what kind of life would I really have if I didn’t do a little bit of cray cray once in a while. Also for a majority of my life I have been only listening to careful, easy does it, that’s too out there, side of me. Not really taking chances and going for anything that was even a little bit risky. But I think that first time I really did take a leap was when I started going to sewing classes and then starting this blog. Both interesting, creative things that can have a great end result, but requires work and dedication to be put into it.

So as I haven’t won the lottery yet, I can’t lay back with my feet up, sewing and blogging, I have to keep looking for the job that will be okay for right now till I find that great job that is perfect for me . . . still would prefer the lotto win, not gonna lie. But the most important thing for me right now, is the part where I have more of a life and get to see my god-daughter once in a while. So I am going to think of June/July as January 1st, like it is my new years, well it is half way through the year. I haven’t touched anything on my mini 2014 Bucket list. I have to get a least a couple of those things ticked off not much time to go now. I think the chances of me going on holiday are slim to non-existent, but I have quite a few things on there that I should make a lot more effort to achieve.
I’m looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring, secretly hoping that I haven’t made a really big mistake. Really hoping for a lottery win! But one is for sure, I am(currently) happy that I have made this choice.

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