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I Can’t Help It, I’m Addicted!

Addicted to  . . . buying Healthy Cook Books!

Okay, I admit it. It might not seem like a serious problem, but I have a slight shopping addiction to healthy cook books and it is becoming a big issue (its tiny really)


And I am okay with the fact that it is books and not things like shoes, bags, clothes, jewellery  . . .  it could be so much worse  . . . and expensive!

The time I realised that I had this problem, was last week. I was in my local Sainsbury’s, buying food (duh) and I turn a corner and see this stand of healthy cook books . . .  I tend to visit this stand whenever I go to Sainsbury’s as this was where I found all this books.



But each week it changes, sometimes toys, kids books. But this week it was cook books again. I literally spent 20 minutes looking through all these books. Most of the time was spent trying to see if they were cheaper on Amazon (hey, it’s an addiction, that I am not going to go in debt for). If any of the books were cheaper on Amazon I would have been patient and ordered it and gotten it delivered  . . . the next day.

I think I did well . . . I only brought 4 books and they were all under £5  . . . each  . . .  each book cost under £5  . . .  if it had all come to £5 total, I would have been very happy!

So I thought, what better way to celebrate the fact that I have a (slight) shopping addiction problems. Then to make an experiment out of it!


Each month, I am going to pick one book out of my  . . . collection and eat my breakfast, lunch, dinner smoothies, drinks, snacks and desserts (as close as possible to) how the chef/authors has each meal planned out in those beautiful glossy pages, with those pictures that is basically food porn!  . . . Erm, where was I  . . . so, yes, I will basically Live By The Cook Book.


I think importantly to share; how easy it is to find the ingredients, how easy the food is to cook and how much time it takes. I don’t know about you, but, in the weekday, I don’t really have that much time to spend cooking all evening into the night. I just don’t have time for that. For me time and cost are in the top 5 of important time when I look for in a great cook book.

The first book that I am going to start this little experiment with is Saskia of Naturally Sassy. Can I make it a whole month living the Naturally Sassy way?


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