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Hello world!

As I have learned in the last two years, life is too short. Every day, moment and second should be cherished.

So for me, I’m not wasting any more time on thinking about doing thing and will just do them . . . of cause it will have to be around work, family and friends. But after all that is done, I’m so making time for other things.

This blog is the start of it, I was advised to start a blog a couple of months ago, but let things like work get in the way, no more.

This isn’t one of those – follow every trend, fashion obsessed – blogs, this will (hopefully) be my honest opinion about  designers and trends that I like, find interesting or that suits my shape and the shape of the majority of women out there.

It will also be about my favorite thing to do on a Monday evening . . .  sewing. I have been attending Sewing classes for 3 years , I am nowhere near as good as I would like to be, and am not even  a little bit good without the constant help of my teacher. But I will post pictures of my progress . . . just so you know I can take months to make a skirt.

Also I will post about things that interest me, Tv shows, websites and funny things that happen at work, sports and shopping for the home.

I hope that you enjoys reading this blog,







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