Happy New Year!!!

You know when you watch the news and it shows an event. This is an event you just happen to be in or witness and it seems completely different to how the news shows it? . . . That’s how I felt for these past festive months. The news has been going on about how not busy the shops have been with the run up to Christmas, not so true for where I work. Not really the store, it was mostly the department, I don’t think I have ever seen so many people lining up for one department for so long. And in saying that I have to say a big sorry, because due to that I was unable to post a single thing for the past two months. So what I plan to do is post everything that I was planning to post during the last few months but couldn’t. Yes it is a little late but . . . ok, I can’t think of anything to say other then, I really wanted to upload these posts.
Some of these posts will include how amazing Strictly Come Dancing was and the stunning outfits that they wore. The shocking results in Formula 1, with my very detailed opinions on that. My new kitten that will make you go “aw” but who is completely evil. Also the re-appearance of my rather unhealthy obsession with interiors. And now that my sewing classes are back, I will look back on all the clothes I have made so far and I’m not sure if my skills have got better or worse.
Happy New Year People!!!!

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