Bucket List . . . Epic Fail

It’s May already! Why is the year going by so quickly? I haven’t had any time to get anything done on my bucket list. I am still doing the courses, but because of that, I’ve hardly had time to do the 1-2 post a week that I actually wanted to do. I have . . . kinda been doing the exercises; like the Wii exercises and using the exercise bike . . . but there are two reasons why I haven’t lost a respectable amount of weight. Pizza Hut and Mr Kiplings! Damn the both of you!

creams cafe logo

My friends that know me well, or people who I have worked with, know that I just don’t do pizza, yes I am one of those people who is just a tiny bit of a fussy eater. I love cream cheese, I love my moms macaroni and cheese, but I can’t eat cheese on toast and I just can’t stand pizza. I don’t know why. I don’t know where it came from, but it is something that I have just got used to . . . but when I found out from one of my work friends that I could get a cheese-less pizza. I thought, if that major reason for me not liking pizza is not in the equation, I might like it. So one day I randomly order a cheese-less pizza and it actually tasted good. So within the space of a month, I ordered pizza (and the sides and desserts . . . yum) 3 times . . . This wouldn’t have bothered me, if I didn’t work hard to lose 4lbs at the start of the month, only to gain it right back at the end. Yes. I have a created or awoken the cheese-less loving pizza monster in me. A craving that is not even put off by the overly friendly delivery guy that seems to forget something way too often, needing to come back and continue the long conversation that is basically “thank you and your welcomes”.
And because it cheese less, I make myself believe that it’s healthier because there is no cheese . . . it makes me feel less guilty!

creams crepes

Mr Kiplings . . . the only issue I used to have with Mr Kiplings was that I would always buy a couple of his chocolate cakes whenever I would go to see a movie. I would easily get through half of them before the start of the movie. But the geniuses at Kipling, created the Banoffee cake . . . it taste like banana and toffee heaven. And I have a box of them, hiding in my locker at work . . . ok it is two boxes.


Then there is Creams Café. How I have lived this long and have only just tried some Creams last Tuesday, is something that I am completely ashamed to admit. The Chocoholic that I have become should have known that there must be a place that only serves deserts! I still can’t get over the look on my work friends faces when they turned and said to me “You, of all people, haven’t heard about Creams!” I had to contact my equally chocoholic friend and pick a day that we could indulge in chocolate gooey goodness . . . I was going to take pictures of it and show the delights on facebook, twitter and even my blog to show off and get the inevitable jealous ‘likes’ . . . but . . . it looked and smelled SO GOOD, I was well into my first pancake before I thought that I should have taken a picture of it.

So it is not my fault that I have epical failed on my bucklist to lose weight and be more healthy. I will have to try to do better . . . next month . . . I can’t start it this month. It’s one of my best friends birthday this month and also my mums birthday this month too . . . I also brought my mum back a waffle from Creams . . .she loved it, so I have to treat her to some Creams on her birthday, I wouldn’t be a very good daughter if I didn’t!

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