A Visit To The Harry Potter Studio

Ok, so I may have kinda cheated a tiny little bit on my Bucket List . . .  I have already been to the Harry Potter Studios Tour. I went earlier this year for one of my best friend’s birthday.

I would love to say that I was dragged there because of kids or some sort of research  . . . anything that would make me, a woman in her 20’s, not sound like a crazy Potter Fan. But when one of my best friend’s sister, said that she was thinking that we could all go to The Harry Potter Studio Tour, for her birthday. I was the first to ask if the gift shop would have Wands!  . . .  The answer is yes by the way, you know you wanted to know the answer.


Also, I have to add, that the group of us that went, are all in our 20’s. Only one of us has children, and we didn’t think of bring the children with us as a form of cover. But it wouldn’t have been believable anyway, the children are two years old, and can’t even say harry potter, let alone be able to watch the films or even be anywhere near as excited as we were.


One of the many great things about The Harry Potter Studio Tour is that it can appeals to everyone. Of cause the kids, people who loved the books and the film, media and film student. And to see all the movie history, isn’t as expensive as some would think, my ticket cost £29, for a child’s ticket for 4 years and under is free, 5-15 years is £21.50. But I would recommend that if you do want to go, drag someone who can drive, has a car and most importantly a Sat Nav. It is extremely easy to get lost.


No car? There are couches you can get from Victoria, London, but be prepared to pay the same price for the couch as you are paying for a ticket for the studio tour. If you want to buy the studio ticket with the couch ticket it will cost £57 for one adult, for a child’s ticket it is £52. Or you could get a shuttle bus from Watford Junction prices are at £1.50 Single Ticket and £2 for a Return Ticket.


So what was it like  . . . (spoiler alert)  . . . AMAZING!!! I want and need to go again. My mistake was going round the studio with my camera in my hands and taking pictures of everything. I missed information about how everything was done, how it was created, all the little details that will make you fully appreciate the film a lot more. While I was there, all I kept on thinking was that I couldn’t wait to watch all the films again.


But, if like me, your thoughts were on the gift shop at the end, be prepared to be shocked at the prices. I was planning on buy (don’t laugh!) . . . a Wand, a Gryffindor Scarf, some Sweets and a Souvenir Guidebook.


The wand cost £24.95, the guidebook was £9.95, a chocolate frog (yes, one frog) was £7.95, the scarfs £24.95, a Hedwig toy £22.95. But if money is no object in the gift shop from Harry Potter Heaven, then you can also buy Albus Dumbledore’s robes for  . . . wait for it  . . . £495.95, yes, I am being serious.


So if you do plan to bring children that are Harry Potter fans, you might want to consider distracting them with sweets you have brought from home and maybe blindfold them until you get to the car, or even a brand new games console, which would all be a lot cheaper than letting them loose in Harry Potter gift shop Heaven. Parents, you have been warned.


The studios didn’t let me my fashion taste buds down; they had costumes for all the major characters. You can see Harry’s first Hogwarts school uniform, it’s tiny! The beautiful Rose Pink Dress that Hermione wore to the Ball, the Powder Blue Dress that Fleur wore, both from The Goblet of Fire Movie. It was amazing to see the different outfits that were on display, and that can also be purchased in the gift shop. Yes they are all quite expensive too.


It was a great day out that I would recommend all Harry Potter fans should go; sample the butter Beer (it is non-alcoholic), get a bit of Wand waving practice in, jump on the triple decker bus, walk around the Hogwarts Castle. There is so much there, it just has to be seen.


We spent about 3 hours in the studio, but could have easily spend longer; you could make your visit more interactive by having an audio-visual handheld guide that is narrated by Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) with facts about everything from customers to props, and interviews with filmmakers and behind-the-scenes footage.  For a list of the eight languages that it is available in, have a look at the website.


The Harry Potter Studios are located in Watford, so for information on how to get there and ticket prices, visit their website.

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