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2015 Bucket List

Even though it is . . . like June . . . it is never too late for a . . . erm; mid year bucket list creating. It is never too late . . . well unless it is like November. That would be stupidly awkward. But it is something that I like and is a great way to get stuff done.

I think I did pretty well on ticking off some of my Bucket List for 2014. The major thing that I wanted to achieve; and to be honest I wasn’t sure that it was actually going to happen; like getting a new job, I wasn’t just offered one jobs, but two. It was an amazing shock, and one that I don’t think would happen again. but it doesn’t mean I just want to stop there; I have a few things that I want to achieve . . . in what is left of this year;

So what should I work on for my 2015 Bucket List?

Defiantly going on holiday this year! I did get to have some time off and relax myself last year. But I didn’t get the chance to go on an actually holiday. Hooray! I seriously need to dip my feet in some sand!


Make even more clothes, but use a bit more colours and try to make these clothes a bit more unique – I have loved starting the Make For Less Challenge this year. And have saved a lot of imaginary money that I imagine that I could have spent on designer clothes that actually begging me to add to my collection. So why not just make them! And I will continue to do just that in 2015. But I really want to be a bit more creative more. Will have to see what my tired brain can create.

DSCN0385 (2)

Cook and bake more often – I feel like I have lost the skill and most importantly the confidence! I used to be able to just put things together and it would turn out amazing. In the last few years my cooking confidence has gone, so I need to get my cooking and baking mojo back!

Chocolate Cake

Save some money! – For the love of Gucci and Louis Vutton! I am working for a company that allows me to use some SERIOUS DISCOUNT on BAGS! Even in the sales!!!! I have to save some . . . okay a lot . . . of money; to buy a designer bag as a crimbo present to myself.

Win the lottery – a girl can dream . . . wouldn’t it be too funny if I did win the lottery though. Might as well start that positive thinking now.

Dance like no-one is watch – when no one can watch of cause. I have already . . . kinda danced on Oxford Street when I found out I had got the job. But think I need to have a jamming session at least a couple of times a months.


Work on the blog more – * Hangs head in shame for not posting anything for few months . . . I admit, there were many times when I was too exhausted to make time for my blog. So I really need to make more time and post more regular.

Be Inspired and do something with it – I am obsessed with Pintrest and am always finding pictures of something that I would like to try to make, bake or a place I would love to go to. So I would love to do something with all these inspiration rather than just look at it and go “ooohhhh pretty” or stare at the food just thinking that I wish I could make it. Think my slogan for this year is ‘Stop thinking about it and Go For It!’ I have my evenings and weekends free, time to do something with them!

Take more pictures – I know on my 2014 bucket list, and my life bucket list that I have said that I wanted to take a picture every day for a year . . . erm . . . don’t think that it is going to happen just yet. But I still want to take pictures, I have even brought myself a new camera for this very task, but because I miss taking pictures, I used to take pictures all the time when I was younger. So I need to drag the new camera out of its current hiding place and take pictures more often.


Eat healthier and exercise – I say this every year. This time is has to be achieved! I really want to and need to be healthier. Have been letting the biscuits, chocolate, junk food at work and what ever else I haven’t mentioned yet that I really need to cut down on. I’ve already got my healthy cook book and plan to do a lot more cooking and dusting off the wii fit board and the exercise bike I haven’t used in . . . way too long.

So fingers crossed that I can achieve everything that is on my bucket list this year, and most importantly have a great year.

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