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2014 Bucket List

I think I may have become a bit obsessed with Bucket Lists. I honestly haven’t done much on my other bucket list. Mostly because they are things I want to achieve in my life and are not so easy to do day-to-day. So randomly one day I thought, rather than make New Years Resolutions, I would create a short list of things I want to achieve this year. This ‘short list’ became this kinda long bucket list . . .

  • Work on the Blog more – try to post at least 1-2 post per week. If you have more time, then post more.

  • Make more effort to get out of your current job and get a job that allows you to have more time to live a life. Got out of the current job in June 2014.

  • Take better care of yourself – exercise and eat better. Have been exercising and eating a lot more healthy food, have even cut down on chocolate, that is a miracle!


  • Make more time for friends and family.

  • Learn more – do as many courses as possible. Courses that can help improve the blog. Courses where you can learn to cook different things, courses that will improve craft skills and learn new craft e.g. knitting, d.i.y, Jewellery making and anything else that takes your fancy.

yarn balls

  • Try and go on an actually holiday, somewhere out of the UK. You really need one!


  • Don’t stop trying to get that dream job! Was offered my dream job by two different companies – August 2014.

  • Make the blog the best in can be!

  • Use that exercise bike and get to a Healthy Size.

  • Use that Wii / Wii fit board, Yoga isn’t bad at all. And get those Zumba DVD’s out.


  • Cook more! Your good at it and it’s fun! Learn to cook new things too.


  • Take a picture a day and post it on the blog! This is on the other bucket list.

  • Need to enjoy life and smile more.

  • Be more honest with yourself, can’t always rely on others to do it for you.

  • Make more time to look at and comment on other blogs that you love and admire.

  • Seriously, sort out that bedroom, organise that wardrobe, throw out all the clothes that you haven’t worn in forever. Make that room super organised and keep it that way!


  • Shop a little less and make more, this doesn’t count when it comes to shoe . . . you can’t make shoes. Just buy the shoes! Have started making more clothes to add to my collection – July/August 2014

I have already started a new course, Web Design, so that is a little tick on two things on my list. The exercise one I haven’t started yet though . . . I’ll start that one next week . . . hopefully.

But this is going to be a year of NO EXCUSES! And a year that is going to be better than 2013. Fingers crossed, wish me luck x

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