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Bucket List Buster Weekend

So it was my birthday recently, don’t ask how old, a lady never tells. And to be honest; I wasn’t really planning on doing much for my birthday. I’m at the age where I don’t go “Woohoo! I’m another year older!” its more like “boohoo!”

Birthday Cake,

So this year; I assumed would be not different. The months leading up to my birthday, I thought I would be happy with dinner and hanging out with my friends. It wasn’t until my birthday was looming when I thought that I really wanted to do something different and celebrate my birthday. What was that something? It wasn’t a party! Too much effort and I wanted to be able to remember my birthday rather than have too much to drink (which for me is like one glass of wine, I’m a totally light weight, so rarely drink) No I wanted to do something memorable. For me that was going to the theatre! Lol, I am not that old!

On my Bucket List was going to the theatre anyway, so why not tick that off my list? Well it turns out trying to book tickets to go to the theatre a couple of weeks before your birthday . . . isn’t easy. And top of my list was Cirque du Soleil, I had been wanting to see that for years. I tried to find tickets for me and my friends to go Cirque du Soleil, but after a while it became a desperate search to see anything for 4 people. I even tried to look for Lion King tickets, but ended up with the same results. The most I could find was two tickets together. After a while I thought I would see the Lion King with just me and my mum. Thankfully my friends were great and understanding and were planning for us to do something else when I saw them . . . little did I know what they were planning.

So I managed to grab a great pair of tickets to see The Lion King for my mother and me. It was my first time seeing the Lion King at the theatre; I have the dvd of cause. But there is nothing like seeing it on the stage. I love to see it again. Was so happy to tick that off my list.


But what had my friends planned for me? Well, let me tell you the story. I had woken up in the morning . . . another year older . . . woo . . . hoo. The message that I got from my friends said that they had planned to go to a comedy club . . . I will be honest . . . when I saw the words comedy club, I was . . . not really looking forward to it. But I though better than doing nothing. Also I thought that I should have planned a lot earlier in the year to do something amazing like Cirque du Soleil. I was kicking myself over that.

lion kig-show_landscape_large_homelion-king-pic

Also . . . I have to confess . . . that I was thinking about just booking one ticket to see it by myself. Most people are shocked when I tell them that, but why not go see or do something by yourself? Plus this was Cirque du Soleil! Who knows when I would have had another chance to tick this off my list! But I didn’t. And the reason why I didn’t do that was because one of the guys I work with told me that there was this one performance that I had to see, but he thought it wouldn’t be at this performance of Cirque du Soleil. So I thought I would wait for another opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil another time . . . whenever that would be, but a part of me thought that I should have booked a ticket.

So, back to the birthday, the message that I got from my friends had also said that we were going to meet up at 7pm . . . this should have flown up a red flag right away. We always meet up in the early afternoon, the more time to chat, eat, laugh and gossip. 7pm . . . that was a bit later than normal. But I brushed it off, thinking that I would have more time to relax and take my time to get ready. I thought I hadn’t worn heels in ages, so I brought out my killer . . . wedges (hey, it has been a long time of no heels) I thought I would be easy on myself. Plus if we were going to a comedy club, it was bound to be local and I assumed that we would be going there by car.

I got to my friend’s home, just on time. Spent sometime with my god-daughter and her sisters, they were so cute singing happy birthday to me. Then we was off to have dinner, but rather than get in my friend’s car like I expected, we were using public transport. Again, should have seen that silly red flag! My friend lives very close to the west end, but still south enough to drive to a really great restaurant. So . . . why was we not getting in to the car?

We ended up at a restaurant near tower hill. The food was good of cause, I had no red flag situations there. It was in Tower Hill, but quite some distance from my friend’s house, but we was able to get a bit of a discount there because another friend goes there all the time and know the people who work there . . . discount!

Then we made our way to the tube, the circle line. Again I thought nothing other than it would be a short tube ride to this place. Like 2-3 stops . . . 8 stops later, we was still on the tube. I finally thought “okay, where are we going” my feet were hurting already so I was grateful to get a break from the walking, but this was a little longer then I had expected. I finally ask one of my friends that was sitting next to me “where are we going?” Her response was . . . not really an answer “Oh . . . it’s a bit further down the line I think.” That red flag should have been waving in front of me, there should have been at least 10 red flags. But no, I trusted my friends, they have never given me any reason no to trust them . . . right?

At this point, I had lost tract of the amount of stops that we had gone past. But I had the feeling that my friends were in a bit of a rush to get to this comedy club, on the journey, one of them had mentioned that this comedy club was really good, they she had been then before and the it is better that we get the seats at the back of the club, because a few of the comedians give some of the audience members a bit of a roasting, especially to the members of the crowd that seat quit close to the stage. I admit, still nothing red in my eye line.

Once we had finally made it out of the station, we started walking, and walking . . . we walked for ages, my feet were killing me, I was doing that pained walk that you usually do after a night out and you don’t want to chance walking bare foot on the streets of London. As we were walking, I noticed people running past us, people who were really dressed up. I was thinking thoughts  “this must be a really popular comedy club, why are so many people dressed up for a comedy club. Why are we still walking for so long, where is this place?” and finally “why are two of my friend walking so far ahead of us, I don’t mind sitting at the front in this comedy club, my feet hurt so bad!”

We finally get to the building, at this point, I’m sweating, my feet are screaming at me to slow down or just stop and I am still seeing people rushing past us in a desperate dash to ‘not get those front seats’. We even walk into the building, it was nice, posh looking, like a theatre I thought . . . a bit grand for a comedy club, but, it must be popular . . . or so I thought.

Eventually . . . I said, “this is a bit posh for a comedy club” my friends turned to me and said “don’t you know where we are?” I looked around me desperate to get a better idea of what kind of comedy club this is . . . then I saw one of the people who check your tickets, holding a program for . . . wait for it . . . Cirque du Soleil!!! Yes, I was at the Royal Albert Hall and didn’t even realise it. In my defence, I had never been there before . . . and my feet really hurt. But omg! My sneaky friends had planned, behind my back may I add, to buy and surprise me with Cirque du Soleil tickets.

Kooza cirque du soleil

I was SO surprised, completely clueless, I honestly had no idea. It was a great surprise; the show was beyond amazing. I loved every minute of it. I even got a dvd to watch over and over again.
I managed to tick two things off my bucket list in one weekend! But don’t ask me which was better between The Lion King and Cirque du Soleil, I simply can’t answer, they were both amazing! I would love to see both again if I had the chance.


It was a good thing I didn’t buy a ticket to go on my own, that would have been a little bit awkward. But I would have sill gone and seen it twice in a week, yes it was that good . . . kinda wish I did now.



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