Think My Sewing Machine Doesn’t Like Me

Omg! Who knew a simple pencil skirt that should take only a couple of hours to make, would be impossible to create. Really it should have been one of the easiest things that I would have made, EVER!

All I had to do was stitch up both sides of the skirt, add the waist band, then the invisible zip; try it on to make sure that I could breath in it and sit down without cutting off circulation to any essential parts of my body. Adjust and fix the mistakes that I was bound to make, because; hello, this is me that we are talking about! And then do the hem and that would have been it.

Sheena Skirt -Coast

It has taken me forever to even start to like floral, so this would have been the first floral item in my entire collection. And this would have been a great look-a-like to the Coast skirt.

But. No. For some reason, both of my sewing machines hate this fabric. It is like they have a mind of their own and just refused to sew a single stitch on this fabric.

WP_20140914_23_29_41_Pro (2)

At first I put full blame on the first sewing machine. I’m even ashamed to say that I even told the machine that I would throw it out the window . . . but was secretly thinking ahead of what new sewing machine that I could buy. But before I ran to the not so close John Lewis store, I thought I would try the second sewing machine. That ended up hating the fabric so much it almost chewed it up and basically refused to work. Yes; it basically refused to sew a stitch on this fabric! Making some really weird noises and being seriously rude saying the “E” word to me . . . Error!

I though maybe if I had adjusted the tension on both of the machines. And when I was a lot calmer, after having something with sugar . . . think it was Mr Kiplings . . . yummy and seriously helped to make me feel a better! I tried again . . . but again the machines turned evil on me. Both machines just didn’t want to have anything to do with this fabric.

I just don’t get it, the fabric was a little thick, but not impossible to sew together. I had to admit that this amazing fabric was not going to get made from either of these machines. Maybe if I had one of those industrial one, that sew other any and everything, it might have worked.

So I think that I would have to either make the skirt by hand . . . if you have seen me even do a baste stitch on a bit of fabric, then you know that that will not happen and if I did, then it would not look pretty. Or just try and find a similar printed on a completely different texture and less annoying fabric.

In the mean time; I have to sew something. So after a lovely visit to Creams Café, Yea, I am pretty sure that I have an addiction problem too. And I totally intend on doing nothing about it.


I spent some time looking in my patterns box and my ridiculously crammed fabric box and found these three, really lovely patterns that I am really struggling to choose which one to sew for my next random sewing project.


The New Look one is one of my mum’s vintage patterns, it looks amazing in the picture and I have been really looking forward to making this dress, the back looks amazing!

The Vogue one is also a vintage mum pattern, it looks really simple and classic. And would be perfect for this September/ October summer the UK is having at the moment.

Or there is the Butterick Retro pattern that I have made before in black and white, but have been really looking forward to making it again. So I really can’t choose. And I am currently thinking of making them out of one of these fabric, but I might change my mind.


The Make For Less Challenge will have to wait for a week or two . . . or if I’m feeling really creative, I might make all three. So maybe it can wait for a month.


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