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#TheWinterProject ~ Winter Accessories

When it comes to winter, I can be Scourge about it, I just don’t like the winter, all that snow, the fact that it is always cold. I was sick with flu twice in one week. And I always wear like 5 layers of clothes, but still feel frozen.

I have to admit, the only highlight is going shopping and buying a lot of new accessories to make me feel a bit better . . . That and a large hot chocolate!

The Winter Accessories that I go crazy for scarves and gloves. I always have to by new gloves (mostly because I seem to always lose one or both of my gloves. And scarves always make it on my hit list, because there is always a better colour or a better thicker my cosy scarf that I can fall asleep in on the commute home.

Other kinds of winter accessories that I am considering investing in this winter . . . Because with this coldness, it is bound to snow, are;

The Fake Uggs ~ By fake Uggs, I don’t I always go out shopping with the idea of getting a fake pair of Ugg. No, I am one of those people who think Uggs are kinda ugly. I used to say ” I will never buy a pair of them” but after a few too many trips on the icy snow, I found out that those Uggs are pretty good for preventing those embarrassing falls in front of everyone. But I refused to pay a lot of money for something that I didn’t find cute! So I run to Primark and buy a pair of their own version of Uggs. And I have to admit, they do keep my feet warm.


The Ear Muffs ~ I have secretly wanted to get a pair of earmuff since I was a little girl, thankfully they are still cute and on winter trend. Hate the feeling of my ears or neck feeling cold, for this reason, I thought keeping my hair long would help this. But I’m growing a little bored of the long hair and might dare go short in the new year, but I will have to invest in a good pair of fluffy ear muffs first.


oasis - ear muffs

The  Don’t Cha Snood ~ I admit this kinda reminds me of that first Pussycat dolls song ‘Don’t Cha” and even though I didn’t buy a similar snood to that one . . . I still am thinking that I might get one just so I can do the whole routine of Don’t Cha with it on . . . Just for fun.

Linea Snood Blue

The Essential Gloves & Mittens ~ I have to invest in a pair of gloves almost every winter, mostly because I tend to lose at least one or both of the gloves and because I get really dry hands very dry, and the cold air doesn’t help prevent my hands for drying up no matter how much lotion I put on them. But Mittens are so cute, No I wouldn’t be able to do much like, use my phone or hold things, but just for the cuteness . . . Go to get a pair.

mittens -

The Chic Hats & Beret – Apart from that annoying awkward moment when a big gust of wind blows your hat right of your head. A hats is so essential to help keep you head warm. And this is something that really makes a difference to if you get a cold or not. But you might as well get a cute looking hat.


The Seriously Thick Pair of Tights – If you are going to wear skirts, you have to invest in at least an 80 Denier pair of tights! I don’t understand some of these women who going out of their homes with no tights and a short skirt. Do they really not feel the cold? I know I can with my 25 layers of clothes and 6 different scarf’s. And the great thing about some of the tights on the market now is that they can actually help to keep you warm, not just look pretty!


The Scarf That Is So Chunky, You Can Just About See The Top Of My Head – Yes they might prevent you from seeing where you are going, but they have to be an investment. Plus it saves on buying multiple scarves like I currently have to do (I’m waiting for the perfect colour of scarf, before I spend my money).


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