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The Make For Less Challenge ~ The Roksanda Ilincic Harleton Dress – Part 3

Even though I had kinda made this dress before. And whenever I go shopping and see something that I can’t help but think in my mind “I could totally make that!” I can’t help but second guess myself. Can I really make this item of clothing just how it looks on the hanger or on the website that I am drooling over.

Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 1Roksanda Ilincic Black and Turquoise Harleton Dress 2
But this dress . . . I managed to do most of the dress on Sunday. If I had the perfect zip (that I am currently searching for) and I had remembered that the dress was a v-neck and not a round neck (on the pattern). I think I could have easily finished the whole thing in one weekend . . . damn my laziness! But in my defense; I was also very tired from work.


So, I started by sewing the white and black pieces of fabric to the front and back parts of the dress. I will admit that I did sew the wrong parts on to the main parts of the dress and had to unpick and start again, but it was a tiny mistake . . . I’m so over it.


Then I marked out the darts . . . that I had forgotten to do last weekend. Then pinned and sewed the darts on the front and back pieces of the dress.


After all that hard work . . . lol . . . I sewed the front piece to the back pieces together up and down the left and right sides of the dress and the shoulders. I was technically meant to sew the zip on to the dress after I had done the darts. But the perfect zip is still in not found! Soon hopefully, might try Berwick street this Thursday.


After that I sat back and admired my hard work, I think I did really good and am really proud of myself. The dress . . . so far, has been super easy. I thought this dress would be some how difficult to make. Maybe it is because of the designer name attached to it or the uber high price tag that the original has. But I didn’t struggle with it at all.

If I don’t find that zip, I will probably end up getting a simple, boring and plain zip from some shop . . . But if I haven’t been obvious enough about it already, and if you do a super zoom up on the picture and have a good look at the zip. I need that zip in my life! It will annoy me if I don’t get it! I’m not even thinking about getting the lining for it, the mission this week/weekend is to get that ZIP.

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