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The Make For Less Challenge ~ Part 2

What I should have done first, was go to the nearest Coast shop and get my hands on this skirt, I should have checked out the fabric, what the lining was like, how the skirt fitted and moved when I had tried it on. Yes, those are all things that I should have done first  . . . Instead, on my next day off, I went to my favourite (and closet) fabric and haberdashery shop, on a mission to find a pattern that was closest to the skirt in Coast. Also, I wanted to find fabric that was as close to the colour of the cost one as possible, and find the perfect matching lining and anything else that I would need.

coast skirt

The Pattern ~ In my mind, I knew it would be a miracle if I could find the perfect pattern. I thought I would be able to find a similar pattern and would have to adapt the pattern by maybe shortening the front or lengthen the back. But by some miracle, (hear that lottery gods, they can happen) after going though all the pattern books. I managed to get to the last book and found the pattern, McCall’s M6706 pattern. It was so similar, I was delighted! I even did a little dance in the shop . . . only two women saw me and gave me an odd look. I was so happy, I really didn’t care.


The Fabric ~ This is where the research would have come in handy. I could only go but the picture on my phone when I went to the Coast website. At certain angles the skirt could have been pink, red, coral or orange, I made up my mind to go for a coral/salmon colour. I looked all around the shop  . . . I will be honest, out of pure laziness I didn’t want to spend my entire day off traveling all over South London, West London, North London and Kent, trying to find fabric with the perfect colour and perfect thickness. But thankfully I found a very close likeness of the fabric, it was a poly-satin fabric  . . . I didn’t mind the compromise, it wasn’t 100% polyester, but the fabric is a beautiful colour. I don’t think I was going to get a fabric that was exactly the same without it being the dreaded . . .  polyester. But Poly-satin, I can live with.

McCalls Patten and fabric

It wasn’t until I went to the desk to find out how much fabric I would need, that I found out that I would also need netting! I wasn’t even sure what that looked like, again, this is where research would have really helped me a bit.


Thankfully the staff there was really helpful; it was a week day, if I had gone on a weekend that would have been a totally different story.

So I managed to get all the fabric, the netting (which I’m not even sure that I will use), the thread, invisible zip and pattern for under £25! I couldn’t see any lining that was exactly the same colour, but I know a few places that I can try to get the perfect matching lining for a really good price.

cost of fabric

Also, I have decided that I might not use the netting to create that flared look that the skirt has. I have some thick interfacing that could make the same effect, it just means, getting the perfect coloured lining is all that more important.  Challenge continues, wish me luck.

The Make For Less Challenge Part 1

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