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The Kardashian Kollection

I was wondering how long it would take the Kardashian’s to open up their own store in a different country, you have to give it to them they are very smart women. Granted the thought only came to me as I watched a repeat of them preparing to open their New York store, they might be waiting to see the results of how well their new kollection at Dorothy Perkins will do. Before I had the opportunity to visit a store, I looked on the website. Within seconds I had found my favourite item of the entire collection, but it was already sold out !!! The Gold Body Con dress, I love a bit of Body Con, and as if I really need another one  . . . yes I do.

The first thing I noticed about the collection was the price, I had expected to see a higher price range, but it is surprisingly reasonable. For example, the dress I’m obsessed with it only £50 and the most expensive item in the collection is a coat for £75, in my eyes that is a very reasonably priced coat. A majority of the clothes are priced between £30-£55. So even a student completely obsessed with the Kardashian’s can still afford many of their clothes.

Most of the collection appears to be quite form fitting, but I was honestly surprised to see a lot of staple and basic pieces, items that I could easy wear every day and could be dressed up or down. But to me the collection looked very basic, average almost. I was looking forward to seeing something that stands out, making an identity for the brand, clothes that if you saw someone walking on the high street and instantly realise that it is part of the Kardashian Kollection. I just didn’t get that feeling.

But I will say this, I could see the Kardashian’s wearing all of the collection, and was able to put a Kardashion sister to most of the items. The Kardashian’s have their own individual looks in mind, I would have liked to see a more obvious version of some on their clothes.

I just hope that they make the Kollection for women like them, for clothes that are Kim inspired, like the Kim straight leg jeans, I hope it is designed for women who are more curvy in mind. I hope that the Kourtney inspired clothes have petite women in mind and for Khloe, I hope the collection has taller and curvy women in mind. If so, then their kollection will be the number 1 destination for a lot of women.

In creating this collection for Dorothy Perkins the Kardashian sisters should know that they are like a majority of women in the world, we don’t need another collection for women that are a size 8, there are too many of those already. . .

. . . Kardashian Kollection update.

So I managed to drag myself from work to try the Kollection, and the verdict is  . . .  disappointment.

When I was browsing through the website, most of the Kollection looked very wearable; I could have brought quite a lot of the item and have worn then just for work or after work drinks, and the Body Con dresses would have been purchased just for the hell of it, and the jeans that promised so much.

I just assumed that as the Kardashians are curvy, that they would create a collection that had jeans that would fit and fit very well. But the items that I selected to try on were the Black Upper Lace dress, the Power Jacket, the Gold Body Con dress, the Black Gold Bar dress, Lace Skirt and the Kim Straight Jeans,

The dresses were made of 97% polyester and 3% elastane, polyester is not the most flattering fabric to put on a body, unless the person wearing it is a size 8. This dress showed lumps and bumps that I didn’t even know that I had. The same with the skirt, it didn’t flatter my body at all, it was enough to make me very depressed and want to pop to Ed’s dinner for a milkshake. The only saving graces of the item that I tried on were only two item, the Gold Body Con dress and the Power Jacket, the dress was a little difficult to get into, but that is the same with many body con dress who ever designs them and I had to go up two size, usually I would blame my hips for that, but I noticed that for a lot of the Kollection, you have to go up a size or two. But I think once I get the spanx on it would look amazing. . . ok I admit it I love the dress and will get it even if it doesn’t fit me well, I know I’m completely weak. The Jacket was a beautiful fit, but the shoulder pads were a bit overboard for me, they could have hurt someone they were so far out there. But I plan to go back and try a different type of jacket.

I just wish that they had chosen better fabrics for a lot of the Kollection, it would have made a huge difference, and made the clothes look, feel and fit so much more better. Plus the sizing issue, I’m used to having Dorothy Perkins clothes fit me well, I just expected that the Kardashian Kollection would have been the same. If they do choose to create another Kollection, I just hope that it will be an improvement to the current one.

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