The Dress Anne Hathaway Didn’t Wear To The Oscar’s

I love Anne Hathaway, I even have the Princess Diaries on dvd. But  . . . I don’t think I was the only one to question what dress Anne Hathaway was going to originally wear to the Oscars, especially after seeing what she choose to wear instead.

The dress she wore was  . . . lovely, it just wasn’t the dress, a wow dress. That dress would have been perfect for maybe a bridesmaid or the women who push and pull the celebrities off the stage after they have thanked everyone they know, including their dog walker.

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 It wasn’t an Oscar winner dress. Look at the dress Jennifer Lawrence worn, it didn’t look comfortable to sit in and she totally tripped when she went to get her award, but it was a stunning dress, perfect of the occasion. Really can’t say the same for the dress Anne worn.

Now rumour has it (well it isn’t really rumour any more) the dress that Nicole Kidman worn to the Cannes festival was the very dress that was meant to grace the red carpet for the big show that is the Oscars. Nicole Kidman looked stunning in this dress, it was beautiful, even though I am in nowhere near close to getting married, it could be a perfect dress for a wedding . . . Just saying.

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Now, I didn’t really know until recently that the possible reason that Anne decided to go for the perfect bridesmaid dress instead of the perfect Oscars/wedding dress. Was because Amanda Seyfried worn a similar dress by Alexander McQueen. I love Alexander McQueen like everyone else but, the Valentino dress is slightly better, the colour is beautiful and looks amazing with Nicole`s skin tone, the laser cut throughout the dress is genus and beyond breath-taking.


If Anne was worried about the similarities of the dresses, it happens all the time at these kinds of event. And yes, they are in the same film, but I think other things like Jennifer’s trip, the host Seth McFarland sing about boobs and what dress was Anne Hathaway really going to wear to the Oscars all seemed to take centre stage.  Comments from the fashion police may have only been to complement Anne in looking better the Amanda in a similar dress. We will never know.

As if my opinion wasn’t already clear . . . Anne, you should have just stuck with the original dress. And if you had heard that Amanda was wearing exactly the same dress, I’m pretty sure that there would have been better options for you to have worn to an event where you were a shoe in to win. Sack the person who told you this pink thing you worn, was the dress.

Rant over.



Days after the rumour mill started about this dress drama, Valentino have released a statement claiming that, the dress that Nicole Kidman wore to Cannes Festival was not the dress that Anne turn down at the last minute. It was a dress that was shown after the Nicole dress during their Spring 2013 Couture collection.

 I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe!

 Having seen all the beautiful gowns that were part of the Valentino Spring Couture Collection;

 1. The Nicole dress is far more stunning.

 2. Even the dress Amanda Seyfried wore was so much better in comparison.

 3. There were many other Valentino dresses, which were more stunning, compared to the dress that Anne turned down.

 Am I really meant to believe that out of ALL the dress from that collection, either Anne or her stylist, really thought that this dress, was an Oscar winner’s dress . . . I don’t think so.

Crazy Rant Totally Over Now. . . Promise.

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