The Winter Project ~ Winter Scents


I’m not such of a perfume person, but, I love me some candles!
I remember, for my 18 birthday, one of my uncles and his new wife came over to me and handed me a really lovely gift bag, that had pink fake pearls for handles and a pattern all over it. From the look of the bag, I was getting very excited. Until I opened the bag and took out this pink candle . . . Like I said before, I love Candle. But who buys someone a candle on their birthday, and it wasn’t even scented. If I was to get a candle as a gift. It had better be those expensive Yankee candles and scented!


When I am buying Candles for myself, I tend to stock up on them at Ikea or TK Maxx.
Ikea have a great range of candles. Ikea do delivery, but annoyingly, Ikea charge a lot to delivery anything, so its better to actually go to an Ikea Store. But I tend to go a little crazy in the candle section. I can’t think of any other shop that has such a large range of scented and non scented candles. But for me, I might as well get a candle that can do two things at once, look pretty . . . I meant light up a room, and fill the room with a beautiful scent.


My favourite scents from Ikea are the Vanilla and Red Berry scents. But for a festive feel, the Cinnamon scents is perfect for that extra warm Christmas feeling.
The only downfall to the Ikea candles is , that it doesn’t really last very long, but for me, the price and the beautiful scents completely out weigh this little fact.


Luckily, I can get my Yankee Candle fix from TK Maxx and for a slightly cheaper price. But, you have to catch TK Maxx on a good day to spot when they have some Yankee Candle begging me to buy them. I like the Vanilla from Yankee, but love the Red Velvet scent. It is delicious, It might even beat the Red Berry and Cinnamon ones from Ikea. But Yankee have a very large range of festive scent. And the great thing about Yankee is that you can order a sample candle from their website for under £2 . . . plus they have a 50% sale on at the moment. Happy Shopping.



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