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Oops . . . I Spent All My Money On What ?

Is it sad that I got a buzz from buying items from my room, rather than clothes shopping for myself?

The other night I put one of my many new duvet covers on my bed, I spent about 10 minutes admiring how amazing it looks with my curtains . . . beyond perfect. I even took a picture of it and sent it to my mum, thinking that she would share in the awesomeness of how great my room looked with the new addition.
Only for her to confirm that it is sad that this makes me happy and wondered why I had sent her a picture message during Eastenders.

Because of how busy work has been, I have been unable to shop to the level that I am used to in the sales. So far I have only spent £70 on clothes, mostly in New Look. But I have to confess that I have spent £150 on item for my room (it could easily be more; I just don’t want to admit it to myself). It was mostly on duvet cover sets and other random decorative item that have no function other than to look pretty.

Like this birdcage from TK MAXX, I have no genuine need for a birdcage; I don’t own a bird and have no intention of getting a bird. BLOG PICS 2 020
But I saw a beautiful birdcage from Next last year, but by the time I went to get it, it was sold out, ever since I was obsessed with getting a birdcage. I saw some lovely but rather big and pricey ones from Zara Home, but they were too pricey for an item that may never be used and had no real function apart for the very obvious. But the one that I eventually brought was so cute and pretty and totally affordable, I couldn’t, not buy it . . . it was that pretty and I need it in my life. And I’m sure I will find some kind of function for it . . . like . . . I could put candles in it, tiny little tea lights, that would look lovely in my room. There, a function created . . . I feel less guilty now.
But while I was in TK MAXX, on the high of finding the birdcage, I brought like 6 duvet covers and 4 pillowcases, cause for some reason with bedding sets, they sell duvet covers and pillow cases separately . . . like I won’t want them to match and don’t mind paying extra . . . I do mind. And I would have brought a lot more, but my lack of luck with the lottery prevented me from doing that.

But sadly the only kind of buzz I got from clothes shopping was when I eventually got my Gold Kardashion Dress from Dorothy Perkins for £30 rather than the full price of £50 and when I went into New Look and saw that the shoe sale had started early . . . happy days.
Other than that, I have not had that warm fuzzy feeling of pure joy from clothes shopping that I used to get, it leaves me a little worried. It could be due to the lack of time that I have not had to shop or that I need more things for my room than myself. But it has me concerned that my love for fashion has gone . . . oh wait London Fashion week has started . . . and David Gandy has been attending every day of it, love of fashion is back.

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