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While out collecting various crimbo gifts last year, I walked past the New Look store by Marble Arch. The sign on the outside was all white, with the `New Look’ in black . . . this could only mean one thing . . . Store Makeover !!!

Now as far as I know, this particular store has had 3-4 facelift. I remember going into the store when it had first opened and it had that horrible wannabe plastic pebble dash effect on the floors. It was all over the store, a pain for heels and even more of a pain when in the fitting room, the other shop fits were better, but nothing to rave about.

But this recent change . . . amazing! Its like the designers went into my mind and created my perfect idea of how a shop should be. I never thought it was ever possible to fall in love with a stop  but this New Look revamp has proved me completely wrong. I honestly wanted to take pictures, but was too scared at the time that they would kick me out and ban me . . . that is too high a risk right now. I want to go back again and again, and I still have the fitting rooms to investigate.
I already liked New Look, the shoes are beautiful, on trend and most of them comfortable. The clothes look great and fit me well and don’t make me want to stick my head in fudge cake out of depression on not getting the jeans past my knees. And I have to admit, that I haven’t been to the Marble Arch store in a while, didn’t even know it was getting a make over. But the whole time I was there, I walked around the shop with my jaw on the floor, the store is beyond beautiful. On the ground floor is all the accessories, all the bags, jewellery you need and the poor sales assistant with 10 layer of  clothes freezing away as there is no door to block the cold. My thoughts of “aw poor thing” lasted like 5 seconds as I made my way up stairs to the 1st floor, where I found hotel style luggage trolls with clothes hanging on them – genius idea – and wire dummies draped with fabric, fake fur and the must have accessories of the moment – beyond genius idea that I want to copy for my bedroom – and tables that are beautifully dressed with shoes and bags that would go perfectly with everything in my wardrobe.

And at the back of the store `Shoe Heaven’  and it is true to name that they have given it.

There is also plush white leather seating for the bored boyfriends that had finish looking for anything that they would want in the men’s section. And the one thing that stood out to me was the many locations in the store when customers could order anything from the New Look website. When I first when to the store there were seat in front of these handy screens where customers could seat and browse the site, and I loved that idea, standing up while I’m on the stores website is annoying and makes me want to leave the store quickly. All other shops seem to think this a good idea to make people stand, it’s not . . .  give people a chair to sit on! In the many visits I have made since to the New Look store, the seats have gone. . .
One more thing that stands out in the revamp of this store is the Body Scanner, which seems to be able to tell you what  size will fit you in the store, I’ve been too busy buying more clothes and drooling over the shoes to have tried that yet, I’ll be trying that on my next visit.


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