The Joys of Sewing

When I decided to start sewing, it was mostly because I was seeing what Gok Wan was able to create by making very simple and easy changes to outfits and garments. It inspired me to want to be able to make clothes that were unique, fitted my shape and I liked the idea of seeing something that I loved on the cat walk (would never be able to afford) and be able to make it over the weekend and wear it the following week. Yes, I was quite crazy thinking that I would be able to make a catwalk look over the weekend, seriously overestimated my skills . . . or lack thereof.
But I didn’t realise that I came from a long line of tailors and seamstresses’ (ok not long, like 3 people). I had known that my mother used to sew for fun and was able to make multiple outfits over a weekend, but I hadn’t realised that my grandparents also used to sew. It wasn’t until I told my grandparents that I had started attending sewing classes that I realised how happy and proud it would make them. So with this long line of sewing skills in my family, I just assumed that I would be this amazing seamstress with pure skill to make a whole new wardrobe within days . . . totally not the case. I struggle to make one item of clothing under 3 months, let along be able to complete with my mother or grandparents. But nothing can take away the amount of pride that I feel when I have finished making an item of clothing that no one else will have.
So here are some of the items that I have made in my classes, apart from the purple dress (the very first item that I made) I am very proud of all of them, and they all fit well . . .ish. The purple one is a little snug, but the other dresses fit beautifully.

This was one of my mothers vintage patterns. When I started making it, I thought that it was a pattern of a dress. Eventually my teacher broke it to me that I was in fact making a playsuit. After much deep thought I decided to stay with my first idea of the dress, but I am starting to think, its never too late to make another playsuit, when I find the right fabric, a playsuit for spring/summer 2013 will be the next on my project list.

This pattern is maybe one of the easiest patterns that I have worked with.It still took me a long time to make it, and to be honest I still struggle with the waist of the skirt to make sure that it actually fit me. But I can’t help but love the style of it. The Blue is a stunning colour and keeps the tulip shape perfectly. The Black one is great just to wear for work, just a great simple piece that had a lovely print on it.

The is another great vintage mum pattern, and is one of the best dresses that I have made. Who knew that a simple dress could take so much time to make. But after all that hard work, it fits like a glove and the colour is beautiful.

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