Skirts For Work – Revamp

I was so close to completing the second skirt, when I looked up at the last skirt I had finished last week. And thought, I really want to wear this skirt for work! I just wasn’t happy with the way it looked. Of cause it was a cute little skirt and I love that I made that cute little skirt . . . but this skirt could be amazing! The type of amazing that could get lead to me getting lots of envious looks and the question that every amateur seamstress wants to hear “Your skirt is really nice, where did you get it from?” or when someone guesses where you skirt is from, cause it looks that good.

DSCN0329 (2)

Even when I was making this skirt I was thinking that I wanted to have different fabric for the waist band. But went along with finishing the skirt anyway, because I was thinking that I need to finish these skirts for when I start my new job next week. I wanted to start the new job with a great stylish wardrobe.

I think for a week, I forgot that the whole amazing and fun part of making my own clothes; is that I can make any changes that I want, that I can add anything that I want and make any changes that I want to it, to make it unique. And that is what I think was missing from the skirt that I made last week and the one that I was so close to finishing this week (all I had left to do was the hem).

I didn’t want to make something that looked like it was brought from a high street store that makes boring work clothes. Or that is looked like it was cheap; yes the fabric was a bargain price! The fabric doesn’t look cheap, but I don’t think that I made the best of what I could have done with these great fabrics. I worked hard and for many hours . . . mostly unpicking, on these skirts. And want them to look amazing.

So late last night, I went a little crazy and I started to unpick the waist band of both of the skirts, with the plan of swapping the waist bands over and am going to dig in my massive fabric box to find another fabric that can be used to extend the length of the skirt.

And I hope that I will finish these two skirts by either the end of the day or tomorrow . . . Yea, I know, I am being a little optimistic with that idea. I think I can do it . . . as long as I start right now.

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