Skirts For Work – Revamp Part 2

Okay; so I was extremely optimistic in thinking that I could complete two skirts within a day, I only just finished the second skirt on Sunday.

To be honest the main reason that it took me a while to complete the first skirt was totally down to a little bit of laziness. If I had only taken the skirt completely apart and started from the beginning, it would have saved me a couple of days. But what I actually did was just unpick half of the zip and the hem of the sheer skirt, then I found some random pieces of black fabric (very glamorous) from my massive box filled with lovely fabrics and found a pattern piece was perfect for this random idea that I had of adding length to this skirt.

DSCN0327 (2)

I then lazily added the fabric to the bottom of the skirt, thinking that the side seams would magically and perfectly match up . . . it really didn’t. It took up two days to get the side seams to match up . . . please don’t ask me why it me that long, I really don’t know . . . think I might have been going through chocolate withdrawals that week, wont be making that mistake again. But after those two days of pin, sew, unpick, repeat, I had finally managed to get the side seam to as close as matching as I was going to accept. And I had had a similar problem with the waist band, thankfully it didn’t taken me more then a couple of hours to sort out.


But; OMG! I am super happy with the end result! The sheer skirt looks amazing now! It looks a lot better then my first attempt of completing this skirt. And because the fabric that I used to add the extra length to the skirts is a different weight to the light weight sheer fabric; it gives the skirt a slight flared effect . . . again I love it! This skirt went from a skirt that I knew I wouldn’t be able to wear at my new job, to a skirt I can’t wait to wear to work and on evenings out. Am so happy with it, celebrated with a KitKat chunky. . . clearly I need chocolate to be a better seamtress!

DSCN0352 (2)DSCN0345 (2)

The second skirt . . . not as amazing as the sheer one, but I am still very happy with the end result. It went from a boring black skirt that was made from lovely soft fabric, to a lovely skirt with a lovely sheer waist band that I’m really proud of.
I didn’t have any real issues with making this skirt; I only had to change the waist band. The length of the skirt is perfect for work, so didn’t really need to add anything else to the skirt . . . although (brings out Dr Evil pinkie) I am thinking of seeing if there is anymore of the sheer fabric left, just so that I can . . . maybe . . . add it to the bottom of the skirt. Or I might . . . if I’m feeling brave enough . . . cut somewhere near the bottom of the skirt and add some of the sheer fabric to the skirt, just to make it stand out a bit more. I’m loving all the skirts that I’m seeing at the moment that have sheer fabrics at the bottom or in between the fabrics. So am thinking that I might do that, but only after I make another skirt for work this week.

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