Skirts for Work ~ McCall’s M6706 Pattern

I just can’t seem to put this pattern down, even though I am not really making the skirt that the pattern was designed for. I’m really enjoying making the gathered skirt . . . mostly because it is super easy. I can make a skirt in a couple of days, that is a miracle for me!


After getting the amazing news that I was offered two jobs, I wanted to spend all my remaining free time to make as many skirts and dresses as possible for when I start working for my dream company in September. But damn the dodgy English “summer”  weather! I got the flu . . . in August! So I spent over two weeks in bed, not getting the chance to sew a single stitch of clothing (but plenty of time to catch up on all my favourite tv shows, OMG Scandal was SO good!). I have just under two weeks before I start my new job, so am planning to take every minute I have to make as many skirts as possible . . . I hoping to finish at least 5 skirts . . . realistically it might be 3 and adding my dodgy version of sewing skills it could end up being 2. But it will be 2 amazing skirts!


The first skirt that I have decided to make, is basically the same as the gathered gingham skirt that I made a couple of weeks ago, just with different fabric. The fabric that I have used is a beautiful sheer fabric. I had brought this fabric ages ago on a market stool, for the amazing price of around £2 a metre. But the market stool that I got the fabric from is one of my favourite places to go; Maggie’s stool, (I will talk a lot more about my favourite fabric shops soon). The fabric that Maggie has is great, but if you see some great fabric one day and you leave it to get it a week later, it is very likely that it won’t be there, so I tend to go there and get as much as I can.


So, I wish I had brought as much of this fabric as possible, cause there are so many other items of clothing that I would have love to have made from that fabric. It would have made an amazing jumpsuit! Also I had made the crazy mistake of starting to make another skirt a while ago from this fabric and didn’t have enough fabric left over to make the gathered skirt the same length as the gingham one. Rather then it being a midi length skirt, once I tried it on it was above the knee. So I’m not sure if this skirt will really be added to my ‘work wear’ collection, maybe just a casual skirt to wear in the summer . . . next year, as I am typing this post, it is the bank holiday weekend and it is poring with rain.

DSCN0327 (2)DSCN0328 (2)

The way that I made the skirt is exactly the same way that I made the gingham one, you can have a look at that post to get a better idea of exactly how I made that. Except, I made the mistake of cutting the lining a little to short, I’m still not sure if I should redo the lining or just keep it at that length to show off the amazingness of the fabric. But I know this will not be my last gathered skirt that I will make.

DSCN0329 (2)

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