Sewing project – Vintage Wrap Dress part 2

That awkward moment that you work hard on a post, schedule the post to appear last week. Then only notice a week later that it hasn’t gone up . . . ooopppsss, bad blog mother. Annoyingly, this isn’t the first time that this has happened, but anyway, moving on:

Thank god, I didn’t have to go all around London to find the perfect shade of bias binding! Time saved and a good reminder of how great some fabric and shops really are.

I had planned to go to Cream’s Café that Saturday (what can I say the waffles are that good, and okay; I’m slightly addicted) for a much needed catch up and amazing waffles; dripping with nutella, caramel sauce and slices of fresh banana . . . that was a damn good waffle . . . sorry, lost myself for a moment. Anyways, I admit it, I put waffle before sewing (hangs head in shame while reminisces about the waffle and thinks about the other waffle that I brought home).


But I don’t feel too guilty, because one day after work, I went to MacCulloch & Wallis in central London. I didn’t get the perfect contrasting bold colour, but I did find this perfect shade of Jade bias binding.

It doesn’t stand out too much, but it looks lovely on the dress that I am currently making.

I did also find this lovely rose coloured bias binding, but I didn’t think that the colour looked good with the green of the dress. But I brought the whole reel for around £7. The Jade bias binding cost me 89p per metre for this dress I got 5 metres. I have had to go back and get 2 more metres so that I can make the button holes out of the binding and there wasn’t enough of it to complete the dress on the Sunday (and because I accidentally brought two different shades of the green binding . . . my bad).

WP_20141105_22_27_07_Pro (2)

To apply the bias binding; it has two folds. I lined up one side of the fold along the very edge of the parts of the dress that I wanted to add the bias binding to.


Then pined, basted and then sewed on the bias binding using the sewing machine. I made sure that the needle of the sewing machine was sewing along the crease of the fold of the bias binding.


Once I had done one side, I folded over the binding and hand stitched the other fold to the inside of the dress . . . I had to do this on every part of the dress that had bias binding . . . good thing the rest of the dress is so quick and easy to make.



Part 3
I would love to say that making the button hole were super easy, but then I would just be lying because this is me making this dress. But they were SO much easier then trusting my computerised sewing machine to do it without turning evil on this fabric that took me ages to get in the first place. And who knows if it’s even available in my favourite fabric shop anymore. And there is no way I was going to start ALL OVER AGAIN! And then there is the other sewing machine that would need me to do most of the work . . . so not going to happen. Hey; it’s a machine, it is meant to do most of the hard work!

So the buttons ended up taking a couple (9 . . . maybe more) attempts getting the loop of the button hole in the right place, inline with the other buttons holes and the right size to let the buttons though.

To make this type of button hole was super easy, after attempt 16. I took the bias binding and folded it in half, and then carefully machine stitched the very edge of the binding.


I then folded it over at the top to create a loop, and then folded again to close the loop. I made three of these loops. I made the loops a little longer on purpose, just so I could make sure that I had enough length and I know myself too well, mistakes happen.


I then pinned the loop to the dress, making sure the button was able move through the loop easily. When I was finally happy with how the loops lined up, after sewing it on and then unpicking it, then sewing it on again.


I moved on to hand sewing on the buttons. I probable should have marked the place I wanted the buttons to go on with chalk . . . I didn’t. But after many attempts, thank god for strictly come dancing, was able to watch that as I sewed on the buttons for the billionth time! It was always just a little too much to the left/right or too high.


After all that hard work, the dress is finally done. I really do love the colour; it looks just how I imagined it. I think the only thing that I will change is the length of the skirt. I might make it a little shorter, maybe knee length. But I am super happy with then finished product.

DSCN0385 (2)

I will be using the same green fabric on my next Make For Less project; that I will be starting hopefully next week. It is probable the biggest price difference yet!

Part 1

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