Sewing project ~ Vintage Wrap Dress, Buttrick B4790

I don’t know if it was the fact that I didn’t have any chocolate for half a week or just plain good luck. But I was finally able to not only get the fabric that I desperately need, but was also able to get some sewing done too! The sewing machine worked without getting angry at me, and I knew what I was doing. It couldn’t go more perfect.


Rather then make the same mistake that I made last week of going to my favourite fabric shop on a Sunday. I went to the shop far too early, earlier then I should of on a Saturday morning . . . 9.30am! And the shop was still busy with people! I quickly went upstairs and found the last 3.40 metres of the fabric. It was the perfect match to finish this dress and hopefully be enough to make my next Make For Less Challenge! The fabric was £6.60 a metre. I also found some lovely jade green buttons that cost me only 7p per button! . . . So I got 5 . . . just in case I loose one.

Anyway, I was so happy that I got to get some sewing done. It has been too long!
After I cut the second part of the skirt I made sure I did all the makings for where the darts would be and then gently folded into where the darts going to be, then pinned and sewed each of the darts that were on the front part of the dress, then the top back part of the dress.


I then sewed together the two parts of the skirt and then sewed then skirts to the upper back part of the dress. Then I pinned and sewed the upper back to the front part of the dress.


That was the easy part. The dress is so close to being complete. All I have to do now is find at least 2 packets of the perfect colour (matching or contrasting) of Double folded Bias Tape. This is not easy; it took me forever to find some the last time that I made this dress. I had to go all the was to Goldhawk Road to get the Bias tape. I’m not even sure if the place I got the tape from last time is even there, and it is very difficult to finds different colours . . . think I will make that my mini mission (if the weather isn’t terrible) this Sunday.


It doesn’t look so great now, but it will look amazing by the time it is finished. I am super happy with the colour, I can’t wait to finish it.

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