Sewing Post ~ Vogue 9587

I finally feel confident enough to start showing my little sewing projects on my blog. After promising to do this since I started my blog, I admit that I was very shy about this. So I will start off small with a Top.

My mum used to sew for years, and in that time collected a very large amount of patterns and some fabric. So my mum eventually dragged out all these vintage patterns and some bargain fabrics and gave them to me. I have to admit that some of them were a bit 80’s, like dodgy puffed sleeves, they should never come back in fashion!

Great for me, cause I’ve been given great patterns and silks and other lovely fabrics that my mum got at a bargain price and that I get to use for free. The difference between my mother and I, is that she could make an outfit in a day or two, for multiple people.My mum would see an outfit in a magazine or TV, would in a pattern and make it for herself and all her friends and they would wear it on the weekend. Super skills, with me, it can take me weeks, sometimes months depending on how complicated the pattern is and it would be just for me. But the result is still the same, and my mum is very proud of the clothes that I can create.


The first Pattern that I going to use, was printed in 1986! But my mother has such good taste that a lot of the pattern that she had are still on trend now. . . phew!

The Pattern is a Very Easy Very Vogue 9587, I really don’t know if it is still available, but there must be some similar ones available now.


This pattern reminds me of a Reiss top that loved so much, I had to buy it black and white (thank you great staff discount!). I have always wanted another version of this top just in a different or bright colour. Reiss just never made it while I was working there.


The fabric that I’m going to use is one that my mum brought years ago. It’s a lovely silk fabric in chocolate brown and its seems perfect for this top. Can’t wait to finish this little top and see the finished product. I’m tempted to make multiple ones.


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