Sewing Post ~ Vogue 9587 Part 4

Ok so miracles didn’t really happen, I wasn’t able to completely finish the top, but I got closer. The gossip girl in me took over.


First I was able to finish the collar, sewing it on to top and then I had to fold the collar into the top . . .  then I remembered (or was told by the teacher, I can’t remember which) that the design of the top that I had picked out, doesn’t have one of those cute looking collar that goes all the way round the top of the top. This type of collar is folded into the top and is never seen when you wear it  . . . seriously avoided some awkward pictures when this top is done . . . I would have figured it out  . . . eventually, this is why I shouldn’t be left to my own devises just yet.


Eventually, I moved on to the overlocker. This is where I always take my time, unless I’m just overlocking a  straight line I will go slowly just so I’m not one of those people who starts using the overlocker, only to realise at the end of it that I have cut off a chuck of my top in a really obvious place that is really awkward and impossible to hide . . . It has happened  to me already. The overlocker is a machine that you just don’t mess with.

After overlocking all the obvious straight lines to prevent fraying, I went back to the inside collar. I grabbed an iron and press the collar into the top. I then grabbed a needle and thread and started to stitch the collar to the inside, making sure not to push the needle to far into the top, I didn’t want the tread showing though on the outside of the top.

I then ran out of time again. But fingers crossed I will be able to finish next time.

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